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  WE are living in the age of information technology. The World geography, ethnography, nations, even commerce, mass communication, education and every aspect of practical life revolutionized and internationalized by this scientific miracle. Ideas from all over the world flowing freely in the mainstream of IT River.  Alvi Awans of the World are interaction each other. These thoughts, mind, soul and free expression revolution is also hitting the youth of ALVI AWAN TRIBE, they forwarded in IT and produced many domain in English and Urdu too.  A few years ago I surf about Alvi Awans of Birote but surprised that no website was on net related to these areas. I produced this website ( and my tribe encouraged, donated their good will and expertise to me. I am very thankful all my fellows and contributors. The main purpose of this DOMAIN is to inform all the ALVI AWANS about news events, views and progress accrued in this TRIBE . This domain is devoted to all those who love these ALVI AWANS in all countries. It is our tribe and a debt on our shoulders to promote ALVI AWANS. It is responsibility and a sacred duty on you, my brother and sisters to share your information to other about this website that you can express your views without any hesitation and freely. Please come forward and write what you think? If you get latest news about ALVI AWANS, please share it to all of your friends and brothers.

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 The Alvi Awan of Birote are a tribe who have been involved in upgrading education, both religious and modern, to the people of Birote for over 180 years. Although according to Islam no individual or groups of people have special status - the elders of the Kamlal branch of the Dhond Abbasi tribe rewarded them with large agricultural land in Central Birote after their arrival from Qummi Kot, district Muzaffarabad, AJK in 1838.

Introduction to the tribe 

The Alvi Awan of Birote belong to the Qutubshahi Awan sub-tribe of the Gondal Golrha (GOHER ALI SHAH) Awan . They settled in Birote on the invitation of the Kamlal Dhond Abbasi tribe from Qummikot, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. They awarded their forefather Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi agriland in Khoaas, Kolalean, Tahndi and Narhota in Birote. Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi built a mosque and taught the Qur'an and Islamic teachings. There are two branches of Alvi Awans in Union Council Birote:-

NAIK MOHAMMEDAL: Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi encestor of Naik Mohammadal of Birote had four boys named Molana Mian Abdul Aziz, Molana Sharifuddin, Molana Ghulam Rasool and Akber Din. Molana Mian Abdulaziz had taken the charge of Khoas Masque, Mian Ghulam Resool shifted Hotrol (Birote Khurd) and Java, Dhari masques. Other two sons in Juleal and Termuthean shifted and performed religious duties. Mian Mir Ji and Mian Mohammed Ji were two sons of Molana Mian Abdul Aziz, elder brother Mian Mir Ji took the place of vacant Imammat of his father but Mian Mohammed Ji joined British Government service as a sole high qualified person of that time. He was the superintendent of the census department of India and performed duties during the census of Circle Bakote in 1891 and 1901. His elder son Mohammed Suleman Alvi was the first Graduate of Circle Bakote from Gordon College, Rawalpindi in 1918.
Family tree of Alvi Awan Tribe of UC Birote
 Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi  

Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi was elder son of Molana Mohammed Abd ul Shukoor Alvi, born in Chand Gran, Union Council Qummikot, District Muzaffarabad in 1783. He got his early education from his father, studied the Quraan and Hadith, primary Persian books as Gulestan, Bostan of Shaikh Saadi [3] Shirazi, Pand Nama Attar, Mathnavi Molana Rumi and other books at Qummikot Madrissa by his uncle Molana Taj Mohammed Alvi. He went to Awankari[1] Madrissa of Molana Mohammed Ajaeb Khan Awan and spent only 18 months and had become a scholar of Quraan, Hadith, Fiqah and other sciences of logic and philosophy of that time.  

Family Background   

Molana Qazi Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi was the grand son of Hadrat Molana Qazi Mian Abd U Shakoor Alvi who also known as Goondal Khan in Kashmir and was a celebrity of his time. He was a religious scholar and a think tank of Rajas of Muzaffarabad. They granted him land in Qummikot where his ofsprings spreaded. Hadrat Molana Qazi Mian Abd U Shakoor Alvi was also Qazi (Chief Justice) of Muzaffarabad Bumba Dynesty [4] court and minister of religious affair. Kashmiri historian as Mohammad Din Foaq and Molvi Hashmatullah reffered his many decessions and fact finding wisdom. He learned in Dehli at Shah Waliullah Madrissa and representative of Shah Waliullah School of Thought. He had seven sons from three wives.

Hadrat Molana Qazi Mian Jan Mohammad Alvi 

 Forefathers of Naik Mohammadal of Birote.

Hadrat Molana Qazi Mian Taj Mohammad Alvi, forfather of Noor Mohammadal of Birote.

Hadrat Molana Qazi Mian Ghulam Mohayudin Alvi.

Hadrat Molana Qazi Mian Said Husain Alvi

Hadrat Molana Qazi Mian Shafi Mohammad Alvi

Hadrat Molana Qazi Mian Noor Mohammad Alvi

Hadrat Molana Qazi Mian Deen Mohammad Alvi

Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi 
 in service of his teacher
(A narrated tradition)

Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi returned to his home to Kashmir a few kilometers, he saw a ploughed field and thought that his teacher had no clod for toilet so he collected dozens of clods and returned back to his Madrissa. His teacher asked him why you returned. I was going to my destiny and saw clods and thought that the needs of your toilet were not fulfilled by me so I collected these and returned, please accept this bag of clods. Teacher was surprised and kissed his forehead and asked him to stay with comfort at his house. Next day he demanded for permission to travel his way but teacher refused and said today you would teach students all my students in Madrissa. Ustad ji, wat main tay aalam nhi. (Teacher I am not teacher), he replied but his teacher said, Aj toon putter toon aalam hain, sab khuch too lay laya haay (Son, don’t worry, you had got everything, you were scholar from today). He came at Madrissa and delivered his sermon to student with enthusiasm and full of knowledgeable contact an hours long, discussed Mohammed's journey to Macca to Jerusalem and then to heaven along with angle Jibrail [2] over Burraq[3] in a melodious tone. All students and villagers of Awankari shouted in favor of Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi and teacher announced him as a aalam or scholar of Islam. His teacher Molana Mohammed Ajaeb Khan Awan described Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi about his service of his teacher in his consisted sermon. He also paid tribute to his student know aalam, he would return to his homeland a day after so all students and trustees of Madrissa gave a farewell party in his honor. On the day of his departure all village people gathered, his teacher tied a white turban on his head and presented many gifts, a white horse and an Arabic hand-written manuscript book' (possessed by Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi at this time). He embraced all people, students and at last his teacher Molana Mohammed Ajaeb Khan Awan, and tears were in eyes of both teacher and his student. He started his journey to his homeland in 1806 as an Islamic scholar. He reached at Qummikot and appointed as teacher immediately in his parental madrissa and he started teaching of Quraan, Hadith and Fiqah there.

Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi 
Permanent arrival at Birote

Merchants of Birote went to Mazaffarabat to Srinager, Kashmir for their trade. They had close relationship with Awans of Qummikot Alvi Awan tribe and many time they stayed there to hear religious sermons in Madrissa. Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi was not strange for them and they offered prayers in Qummikot Central Masque many a time. Chiefs of Kamalaal sub tribe of Dhund Abbasi decided to construct a new mosque at Khohas, Central Birote Berote Kalan and they nominated Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi as their Imam and Khateeb on proposal of Sardar Mehmood Khan (Bhago Khan) that was accepted by all other Sardars. They composed a delegation of selected sardars and went to Qummikot. They informed Molana Mian Abd Shakoor Alvi about their decision and requested for a Imam and a Khateeb especially of Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi. They also offered dozens of kenal agri land, a residency for his family. Family members of Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi gathered at Masque and Okayed Birotian delegation request and they got a bonded guarantee to Sardars that they would protect and provide security and patronage to Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi and his family. At that time marriage ceremony of Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi with his uncle hafiza and qarea daughter named Khadija was ready so an invitation was also given to all Sardars and delegation of Birote. They accepted invitation and participated in the wedding ceremony of Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi and enjoyed valima. Guests of Birote on third day met with his family and insisted to leave with new wedded couple among them that was accepted by Molana Mian Abdushakoor Alvi and on next day new wedded couple with delegation departure to Birote with dowry of animals, house holds and with other relatives. They crossed Pattan (Old Kohala) on boats in 1838 and came in Birote at Sardar Mehmood Khan house. Ladies and gents from all the Birote offered congratulation to new couple and presented gifts to them accordingly local customs. A new valima was also held in Bagh, Central Birote in which all communities and tribes participated. Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi offered Azan of Dhuher Prayers loudly at the site of presently Khooas Masque and lead Namazies as Imam first time. He opened a waterfall there also. Family narrations showed that it was the day of 14th Rabi ul Awal. He stayed at Sardar Mehmood Khan House approximately eight months and shifted in his new built house before summer of 1838 in west south of Masque. Kamlals of Birote gifted him 36 kenals agriland and fulfill all his financial and social needs as he demanded. He started five days prayers, Quraan recitation and other religio social duties as religious scholar there. It was a second masque of Birote after Baglotian, southern Birote. Ladies and young girls received religious education in his house by Qarea and Hafiza Khudija, wife of Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi. Quraanic education traditions were continued in Naik Mohammadal Tribe houses till 1990.Molana Mian Abdul Aziz was first son that born in Birote in 1840. He brought up in his mother family in Qummikot, got education there and left to Awankari, Mianwali to his father Madrissa fir higher religious education. He spent seven years there and when he returned, he was also scholar of Islam. In 1842 Molana Mian Ghulam Rasool Alvi born but his mother Khadija expired next year by fatal smallpox and buried at Khoas graveyard, Birote. It is first grave of Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi family. He returned back Qummikot for a month after her forty days funeral ceremony and got married again to her younger sister Salma. She was a wise lady of her time with all qualities of household as well as teaching of women. She was a lady teacher in His family Madrissa in Qummikot. She not only returned all beauties of domestic life but also reorganized activities of grief arrested Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi. She opened a small Madrissa at Bagh in house of Sardar Mehmood Khan and taught girls and ladies same as Qummikot Madrissa. Kamlaals of Birote hailed her noble mission. Molana Mian Sharfdin Alvi born in 1844 and Molana Mian Akber din Alvi in 1848. Two daughters were also born but died in childhood. Three sons of Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi brought up, educated by their mother Salma. Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi engaged in his religio social activities not only in Birote but in Bakote, Molia, Murree and Kashmir. In absence of Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi, his elder son Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi prformed duties of his father and trustees of Masque were satisfied his performance. His stepmother Salma engaged Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi with her nice Rabeaa or Radiya (name not confirmed). Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi became as groom and went to Qummikot with notables of Kamlaals and other tribes of Birote, stayed three days there in which Nikah with Rabea or Radia recited, he accepted her as his better half and returned to Birote in 1867. Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi got fever and suddenly expired on the same day of Juma tul Mubarik (Friday) July 1868 in which his first granddaughter born but not alive. Two funerals were carried at same day in Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi house. Both were buried in Khooas Graveyard, Biriote. Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi with consultation of Kamalaal Sardars and his younger brothers Molana Mian Ghulam Rasool Alvi, Molana Mian Sharf Din and Molana Mian Akber Din Alvi Alvi appointed as second Immam and Khateeb of Grand Second Masque of Birote.

In-Laws of 
Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi 
(First Generation)

Molana Mian Abdu r Rehman was his father-in-law with five brothers-in-law and seven sisters-in-law at Qummikot Muzafferabad Azad Kashmir.

Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi 
and his brothers
Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi started his father religious mission ahead and sent his brothers to Qummikot with his stepmother for further education. They studied primary religious education there and then packed to Awankari Madrisa for higher education. Younger Mian Akber Din Alvi was so attached his mother, he neither attended classes in Madrissa at Qummikot nor taught by his mother Salma and when he returned to Birote he was fourteen year old as an illiterate boy. Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi had taken objection on this situation to his stepmother and she did not satisfy him. Family narrations showed that dispute over Mian Akber Din with his stepmother gradually up worded that Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi was thinking over separation and live in other house but he waited his brothers. His stepmother went to her father’s house in Qummikot with angry feelings among Mian Akber Din Alvi since 1882. His three brothers retuned back in 1882 and with consultations of his brothers and elders of Kamllals he shifted in new built house in Narhota, Birote. He went to Qummikot with his brothers and returned her stepmother back to Birote. Molana Mian Sharf Din Alvi and Molana Mian Ghulam Rasool Alvi also worried about their brother future but their mother not agreed to educate his son Mian Akber Din, caused another separation oh his two sons. Molana Sharf Din Alvi built his house at Tahndi, Birote, and Molana Mian Ghulam Rasool Alvi at Tangan, Kahu Sharqi. Molana Mian Sharf Din appointed as co-imam in Khoas Masque and Molana Ghulam Rasool Alvi appointed as imam at Dheri Masque in Birote. Now four houses of Naik Mohammadals were established in Birote at 1890.

1.......Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi

2.......Molana Mian Sharf Din Alvi

3.......Molana Mian Akber Din Alvi

4.......Molana Mian Ghulam Resool Alvi

Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti

arrival at Birote

Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti  encouraged people of Kohsar, Circle Bakote and Murree Hills at a time when British Government declared them as a rabbles after defeated in Murree War of Independent in 1857. People of this area engaged themselves in agriculture promotion and produce every food, cloths and every thing from their agrilands. Mohammed Obaidullah Wrote in his book PIR BAKOTI ORE KOHSAR MAIN MAZAHIB WA ROOHANIYAT KA IRTEQA (The life of PIR BAKOTI and evolution of faith and spiritualism in Kohsar) that people of Kashmir had been stroked with famine and came in Kohsar and Potohar for relief. Forefather of Lalial family of Birote established a alms house and started a public kitchen along with Birote Ghosia Masque (First masque of Birote establish in 1781), where travelers from and to Kashmir entrained with food and compensated with cloths and other needs. People of Birote handed over all administration to Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani in 1916 when he arrived permanently in Birote. He distributed alms and food as a best administrator to every needy local or Kashmiri person with status of honorable gust of Birotians people. Two orphan kids with half cloths stood in line for food but not availed and they returned home without food. Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani was in courtyard of Mohammed in dream, he saw that two kids from Birote were standing along him. Mohammed asked to Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani that these my orphan children came to your kitchen but returned without feeding. He ordered him to entertain immediately. Next day mentioned kids came but not entertained and returned back empty hand, Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani sighted kids in Mohammed courtyard, he again advised him about kids. This was very alarming situation for him and he felt himself guilty. He decided to check every person who came on alms house and he sat in the way of entrance, He saw two children were standing behind the crowd; he stood up, walked to kids and put them up, kissed their cheeks and brought them in to his room. Kids were in unclean and uncompleted cloths with bare feet. He kissed them again and fed them by his hand. He asked kids about them and they told him that we were fatherless children of our mother. There were no food in our house and our mamma was hungry for two days. He again asked who was your guardian or patron. A kid says our maternal uncle. He inquired people about kids' background and he informed that they were grand grandsons of Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi, Sons of Mian Mohammed Zaman Alvi. Kids were under the guardianship of Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi and Molana Mian Mohammed Ji Alvi. These answers surprised him and decided that he would meet with his maternal uncles.

Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi
  and his family

Many peoples of Naik Mohammedal family migrated from Birote to other cities of Pakistan. First of all Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi migrated to Union Council Badala, in northern Circle Bakote in 1892 as son-in-law of his father-in-laws on their demands. He spent his time there till his inlaws death in 1910, where his sons Ibrahim Mohammed Alvi, Mohammed Ishaq Alvi, Mohammed Ismaeel Alvi, Mohammed Ayoub and Molana Mohammed Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi and five daughters born. The relatives of Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi in-laws have no soft corner for him because they thought that the property of male childless of their elder was going to Birote related son-in-law, therefore they demanded to vacate the house and agri property of their family and resisted him. Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi decided to register his case in court of law at Abbottabad for justice and wrote an application for that purpose at night. Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti was there and engaged in worship. He asked to Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi what were you doing in late night? “I am going to court for justice against my In-laws misunderstanding” he replied. Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani than asked him again to check application by him, he handed over application to him. He checked and teared to pieces this application and said that we were applying for justice to our God. Then Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti  advised his brother-in-law to returned back Birote. He than had come back Birote, remarried with a groom of Kalghan of Rahimkot Azad Kashmir in 1910. Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani played a very constructive role in his marriage because all Kalghan family respected him and they were his mystic decuples.

Poet 01
Molana Mian Mohammed Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi   
Teacher, Islamic Scholar and 1st Urdu, Arabic & Persian Poet of Kohsar
Asif sb
Asif Ali Khilash Alvi
 A teacher of GPS Birote and a poet and lyrics writer 
Zaheer u Din Baber Alvi
Grand son of Molana Mohammed Ismaeil Alvi
Son of Dr. Mohammed Akhlaq alvi Birote.
Mohammed Abdullah Alvi
son of
Zaheer u Din Baber Alvi 
  •  Mohammed Ismael Alvi was the third son of Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi and first head teacher of first Governet Venicular Primary School Birote in 1903. He was Khalifa of Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti in Birote till his death. He had four sons and three daughters. His elder son was Mohammed Ishaq Alvi (his name was as remembrance of his uncle Mohammed Ishaq Alvi) was first Pak Army personal of family and fought for nation in 1965 and 1971 wars in Pakistan. He opened a shop in Birote and enjoyed his life till his death. He had one son Mohammed Ishfaq Alvi and one daughter. His second son was Mohammed Farooq Alvi who was a Pakistan Railway service man and spent all his life out of his area. He settled in Alipur, Rural Islamabad after retirement. He had two sons Mohammed Zulfiqar Alvi (Employ of PENSTIC Islamabad) and younger is Mohammed Shazad Alvi. His third son is Mohammed Akhlaq Alvi have one son Zaheerudin Baber Alvi, two daughters and one grand son Abdullah Baber Alvi. Zaheerudin Baber Alvi is in Saudi Arabiea with Sareena Hotals chain. Dr. Mohammed Akhlaq Alvi and his family shifted in Rawalpindi. The youngest son was Aasif Ali Khilish Alvi, who was a poet and teacher in Government Primary School Birote and victims of color blindness. He also died in his prime age. He was not married. 
Mohammed Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi was a Urdu, Arabic and Persian Poet of high caliber and leaded Mujahedins (Freedom fighters) of Birote in Kashmir. He wrote a poetry book NAGHMA E JEHAD (Melody of Muslim Holy War) but had lost by his offspring in 2005 earthquake. He was also a teacher and his many students are alive in Circle Bakote. He had three sons and two daughters. His elder son was Khursjid Aalam Alvi, a captain in Pakistan Air Force. He died in his prime age in 1983 and left one son Adnan Alam Alvi (working as librarian in Hamderd University in Islamabad) and two daughters.His death shocked his mother and she passed away after two months and his father was paralyzed. His second son was Masood Aalam Alvi, (PTI in Higher Secondary School Birote and died in 1988. His younger son was Shahid Islam Alvi (Pakistan), served in Machine Tools Factory Karachi and Heavy Mechanical Complex Texila. He was also a poet. He died in Birote in 2009. He had four sons, elder is Shakaib Alvi and one daughter.  <Read More>
Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi second father-in-law was Mohammed Khan Kalghan, a very religious and spiritual chief of his tribe. Scholar of Islam Deoband, India Molana Mian Mohammed Abdullah Alvi, Molana Mohammed Hanif Alvi and Islamic jurist and council of Circle Bakote Molana Mian Abdul Hadi Alvi were his sons among two daughters. Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Haqiquullah Bakoti, younger son of Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti  was his son in-law. Now Pir Abdul Majid Bakoti was son-in-law of Molana Mian Abdul Hadi Alvi and maternal grandson of Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi. 
Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi's elder son Mohammed Ibrahim Alvi was student of Islamic and Quraanic teaching in Awankari, Mianwali where he victimized by fatal and epidemic plague and buried in courtyard of Madrissa in 1895. His second son Mohammed Ishaq Alvi was in way of Rawalpindi but he encountered with a serpent and by poisonous effect on his body cause colic. He died in Birote in 1901 and buried in Khoas, Birote graveyard. 
  • Shakaib Shahid Alvi   
    Third generation poet 

    • Mohammed Ayoub Alvi younger brother of Molana Mohammed Ismaeel Alvi was a employ of Canal Department of Sindh Government in 1925-51 and satteled in Digree City of Tharparker. He died by snake biting and buried in Tando Mohammed Khan graveyard in 16 January 1951. He had left one daughter Zabunisa (Zaibi) and she is widow of Kalim u Rehman Awan in Birote.

    Molana Mian Mohammed Abdullah Alvi and his spouse 
    Naseer Ahmed Awan
    Son in Law of
    Molana Mian Mohammed Abdullah Alvi
    His younger son Mohammed Samiullah Alvi  (Teacher)

    • Molana Mian Mohammed Abdullah Alvi was first son of Molana Mian Mir Ji second wife from Rahimkot, Azad Kashmir. He spent all his life in preaching of Islamic teaching in Deoband (India) and  Digree City of Tharparker and established a madrissa named Jamea Alvia there. He rturned back to Birote in 1961 and stayed there till his death in 17 August 1984. He had two sons, elder is Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi (Contants writer of this website, journalist, historian and anthropologist) and younger son is Mohammed Samiullah Alvi (Teacher) and one daughter. Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi have two sons Taha Ahmed Alvi 
  • Taha Ahmed Alvi
     Grand son of Molana Mian Mohammed Abdullah Alvi
    and Shaheer Ahmed Alvi among four daughters and Mohammed Samiullah Alvi have three sons Mohammed Zakariya Alvi, Muqtasid Alvi and Abtakhi Alvi.
    Shaher Ahmed Alvi
      Younger grand son of Molana Mian Mohammed Abdullah Alvi 

    Usama Bin Naseer

    Huzaifa Malik
    His maternal grand sons
    • Molana Mohammed Hanif Alvi was unmarried and died in 1997.

    Molana Mian Abdul Hadi Alvi
    • The Islamic jurist of Circle Bakote Molana Mian Abdul Hadi Alvi was also a scholar of Islam of the last generation. He was a student of Deoband also. He was a Hafiz, Qari and calligrapher of Arabic. He wrote a Quraan scripture by hand and it is now in possession of Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi. He had four sons Mohammed Tahir Alvi (Ex-teacher). Tahir Alvi has two sons Tayyab Tahir Alvi, aircraft mechanics in Karachi and younger Sarmad Tahir Alvi, is a student and three daughters. Mohammed Yasir Alvi (Retired Second Principal of Higher Secondary School Birote) has two sons, elder is Hussamul Hassan Alvi and younger is Wussam ul Hassan Alvi, both are students and has no daughter. Faheem Ahmed Alvi (officiating Principal of Higher Secondary School Birote today) is childless and Rashid Ahmed Alvi is unmarried among three living sisters.
    Tayab Tahir Alvi
    Grand son of Molana Abdul Hadi Alvi
Molana Mian Mohammed Ji Alvi
 and his family

Molana Mian Mohammed Ji Alvi was younger son of Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi and talented modern British Army high profile secular minded Intelligence officer had possessed both religious and modern education. He was Census Officer also. He engaged in many missions in Tibet and Laddakh on special offer of Dogra Raj. His real nephew Molana Abdur Rahman Alvi and his comrade Mohammed Pir Khan of Kolalian, Birote were freedom fighters but Molana Mian Mohammed Ji Alvi never hurted them or made any hurdle in their mission. He spent whole life with connection to Ahmadiyya Movement of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani.[6] He lived in Narhota, Birote and every time he engaged in movement. He married first time from Birote and remarried from Danna Kachili, Azad Kashmir after his first wife death in 1938. He had two sons Mohammed Sulaiman Alvi and Mohammed Luqman Alvi. Mohammed Suleman Alvi was a talented and bright student of Gordon College Rawalpindi and got first A class position in graduation exam held in 1918 under Punjab University Lahore. He was first student editor of College Magazine The Gordonian first issue published in 1916. He was a high class Nastaliq, Nasakh and Thuluth calligrapher of his time and a masterpiece of his calligraphy displayed in Punjab University Museum Lahore with his name caption. He claimed that he would reborn the sciences of grammar of Arabic, English and Persian languages if these had been abolished from the pages of literature and history. He died unfortunately in a road occident in Rawalpindi and buried in Pir Wadhahi Graveyard in 1919.

 Third Generation's in laws

  • Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi had two wives, first from Union Council Badala, Circle Bakote and other from Rahimkot, Azad Kashmir. His first father-in-law was unknown but the second was Mohammed Khan Kalgan. His brothers-in-law (Sisters’ husband) were Molana Mian Mohammed Zaman Alvi, Molana Mian Noor Husain Alvi and Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani. Molana Mian Mohammed Zaman Alvi died in 1910 and Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani married widow of Molana Mian Mohammed Zaman Alvi in 1913. His sisters-in-law were on in Sahlian (District Dhirkot) and other in Gharhi Dopatta, Azad Kashmir. His sons-in-law were Molana Mian Mohammed Yousaf Alvi, Molana Mian Abdulatif Alvi, Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Atiqullah Bakoti Usmani (Elder son of Hadhrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani) and Molana Abdu Rahim Qureshi of Basian.
  • Molana Mian Mohammed Ji Alvi had two fathers-in-law, one from Birote Mistry Feroz Din, water mil owner of Jandran ni Tahri, Kahu West, Birote. His first wife died in 1937 then remarried with daughter of Mian Barkat ullah of Danna Kachili, Azad Kashmir. He has no daughter-in-law because his both sons Mohammed Suleman Alvi and Mohammed Luqman Alvi died in their prime age. He had five daughters and their husbands, his sons-in-law were Ghulam Rabbani of Reala Malkote (Divorced), Mian Abdul Shah of Birote, Mian Abdur Rashid Awan of Birote, Molvi Ghulam Nabi Alvi of Birote, Molana Mian Mohammed Ismaeel alvi and Molana Mian Mohammed Abdul Hadi alvi. His other brothers-in-law (Sisters-in-law husband) were unknown.

Fourth Generation's in laws 
  • Molana Mian Mohammad Ismael Alvi first father-in-law was Mian Mohammed Zaman Alvi and brothers-in-law were Molana Mian Abdurehman Alvi, Mian Mohammed Abduraheem Alvi, Mian Mohammed Ali Alvi, Mian Abdul Lateef Alvi, Mian Mohammed Ayoub Alvi and Mian Mohammed Yaqoob Alvi Kufri. His second father-in-law was Molana Mian Mohammed Ji Alvi and brothers-in-law were Mohammed Suleman Alvi and Mohammed Luqman Alvi, other brothers-in-law (sisters-in-law husband) were Molvi Ghulam Rabbani of Reala Malkot, Molana Mian Ghulam Nabi Alvi Birote, Molana Mian Abdur Rasheed Alvi of Lammean Larhan, Birote and Syed Abdul Shah Birote. His sons-in-law are three Mohammed Ajmal Qureshi and Mohammed Anwer Qureshi of Termuthean and Safder Husain of Jhika Gali, Murree. 
  • Mian Mohammed Ayoub Alvi first father-in-law was Syed Noor Husain Shah of Birote and brothers-in-law were Syed Mir Ji Shah and his three stepbrothers and a n other brother-in-law (husband of sister-in-law) was Syed Ghulam Nabi Shah, father of Dr. Ilyas Shah. (Syed Ghulam Nabi Shah, his younger brother Syed Mehmood Shah, Contractor Mohammed Amin Khan and Raja Nazar Khan jointly established Allied Chiragh Din Transport Company [7][8][9] and started transport on Rawalpindi Srinager root. This marriage was not long survived and divorced in 1948. His second father-in-law was Molvi Abdur Rehman of Kohrhi Azad Kashmir. He died in 1952 by snake biting in Digree City of Therparker, Sindh. His daughter Zaibun Nisa was born after his death. His son-in-law was Kalim ur Rahman Awan of Birote. 
  • Molana Mian Mohammed Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi father-in-law was Molana Mian Mohammed Zaman Alvi and brother-in-law were Molana Mian Mohammed Yousaf Alvi and Molana Mian Mohammed Shareef Alvi and another brother-in-law (sister-in-law husband) was Molana Mian Mohammed Abdul Majeed Qureshi of Mohrha, Birote Khurd. He had three sons-in-law, one was his nephew Zahur ul Haq but he did not survive and divorced. His second son-in-law was Akseer Ahmed Qureshi of Sehr Hadot, Murree. His third son-in-law was (name not known) of Rawalpindi. 
  • Molana Mian Mohammed Abdullah Alvi father-in-law was Syed Fazal Husain Shah, his brothers-in-law were Mumtaz Shsh and his five brothers, an other brothers-in-law (sisters-in-law husband) were Molana Mohammed Yousaf Awan of Bhan, Birote Khurd, Molana Hakim Qazi Zafeer ul Haq Alvi Chishti of Basian and Mohammed Abdur Razzaq of Sehr Hadote, Murree. His son-in-law is Naseer Ahmed Awan son of Molana Mohammed Yousaf Awan of Bahn, Birote Khrd, now living in Bhara Kahu, Islamabad. Molana Hakim Qazi Zafeer ul Haq Alvi Chishti was renowned herbal doctor who was personal Physician of Hafeez Jullundhri  (Composer of Pakistan National Anthem) [12] and ex President of Pakistan Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq.
Fifth Generation's in laws

  • Khurshid Aalam Alvi was a Senior Tech in Pakistan Air Force and his father-in-law Molana Abdul Haq Awan of Kohi, Union Council Aiyote, Murree, belonged to Janeal Awan sub tribe of Alvi Awans. His five brothers-in-laws are Mohammed Abbas Awan, Mohammed Amin Awan, Mohammed Yasin Awan, Mohammed Iftekhar Awan and Mohammed Ozair Awan, other one brother-in-law (sister-in-law husband) is Raja Mohammed Aziz Awan. His brothers-in-law (sisters' husbands) were Akseer Qureshi of Sehr Hadot, Murre and other was Haji Mohammed Shareef from Rawalpindi.
  • Masood Aalam Alvi was unmarried and died in 1987.
  • Shahid Islam Alvi had two fathers-in-law; one was Haji Habib U Rehman Awan of Rawalpindi but couple divorced in 1992. He has one daughter Sumera Shahid from his first wife married with Aamir Awan and she is living in Islamabad now married his second father-in-law was the same as his elder brother Khurshid Aalam Alvi.
  • Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi father-in-law was Master Khateeb u Rehman Jadoon of Basian and his brothers-in-laws are Tariq Javaid Jadoon and Babu Israr Ahmed Jadoon. Other brothers-in-law (sisters-in-law husband) are Mazhar ul Haq Awan of Bhara Kahu Islamabad, (Mazhar ul Haq Awan and his wife are expired) and Irshad Baig Khan of Chameati, Dhir Kot, Azad Kashmir. Nasir Ahmed Awan is also his brother-in-law of Bhan, Birote Khurd now settled in Bhara Kahu, Islamabad.
  • Mohammed Samiullah Alvi Father-in-law was Qazi Ilyas of Bakote has no brother-in-law. His sisters-in-law are living in Ayoubia and Aliabad.
  • Mohammed Tahir alvi father-in-law was Mohammed Farooq Alvi of Alipoor Islamabad. His two brothers-in-law on is Zulfiqar Ahmed Alvi and second is Shazad Ahmed Alvi. His other one brother-in-law (Sister-in-law husband) is Mohammed Asgher Qureshi of Termuthean. His three sons-in-laws one is Mohammed Tahir of Kahu East, second is Nazir Ahmed Qureshi of Pattan Kalan, Circle Bakote and satteled in Mansehra and third is Ata ur Rehman Awan of Birote. 
  • Mohammed Yasir Alvi father-in-law is Molana Hafiz u Rehman Qureshi of Basian, satteled in Rawalpindi, brothers-in-law are Mati u Rehman Qureshi and Anis u Rehman Qureshi and renowned stage artist Mustefa Chand Qureshi. He has one married sister-in-law living in Rawalpindi. 
  • Fahim Ahmed Alvi father-in-law was Syed Yousaf Shah of Birote and four brothers-in-law are Shokat Shah in Lahore, Liaqat Shah Birote, Sadaqat Shah Muzafferabad AJK and Mati u Rasool Shah Lahore. His sisters-in-laws are living in Texila, other passed away in road accident in Rawalpindi. He has no son or daughter. His spouse Safina Shah died in March 2013 and burried in his father Yousaf Shah graveyard in Greeva ni Kulli, Birote. He remarried with daughter of Molvi Makhdom Qureshi of Basian on 6th Oct, 2013. 
  • Mohammed Rashid Alvi is unmarried and living in Birote. 

 Sixth Generation's in laws
  •  Zulfiqar Ahmed Alvi father-in-law was Molana Mian Abdul Hadi Alvi, brother-in-laws are Mohammed Tahir Alvi, Mohammed Yasir Alvi, Fahim Ahmed Alvi and Rasid Alvi, His brother-in-law (Sister-in-law husband) is one and he called Mohammed Asgher Qureshi of Termuthean. His other brothers-in-law (sisters husband) are Sahibzada Pir Abdul Majid Bakoti Usmani of Bakote Shareef and Jawaid Akhter Awan of Alipor, Islamabad.
  • Shahzad Ahmed Alvi got marriage from Golrha Shareef, Islamabad. His in-laws are living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
  • Ashfaq Alvi father-in-law was Kalim u Rehaman Awan and mother-in-law is Zaib u Nisa Alvi. His brothers-in-laws are Shahpal Awan living in Lahore and (name not found) is employ of National Bank of Pakistan, Birote branch. His other brothers-in-law (sisters-in-law husband) (Name not found) are living in Karachi, Ayoubia and Termithean.
  •  Zahir u Din Baber Alvi got meried from Barhean, Galyat. His-in-laws are relatives of his mother. His father-in-law and brothers-in-law names are not found. They are living in Barian,Bhara Kahu, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. His own father, mother, wife and a minor child Mohammed Abdullah Alvi also migrated from Birote to Rawalpindi permanently. All sixth married generation is descendant of Molana Mian Ismaeel Alvi only.
    Molana Mian Ghulam Rasool Alvi and his family 
    Molana Mian Ghulam Rasool Alvi was second son of Molana Mian Naik Mohammad Alvi and very talented, educated from Jamea Islamia Qummikot and Jamea Islamia Awan Kari. He was also Hafiz and Qari of his time. He selected by Desteal sub tribe of Dhund Abbasi (Kamlal) and appointed as a Quraan Teacher in Dheri, Birote and Hotrole, Birote Khurd. He married from Qummikot with Mehr un Nisa, a sober and highly qualified in Quraanic knowledge of her time. She was nice of his stepmother and third daughter of Mian Mehr Mohammed Alvi. She open a class of Queaan Nazira in Tangan Kahoo East in winter, and in Hotrol in summer season. The couple has only one son Mian Noor Husain Awan, who brought with fondling in Birote and Qummikot also. This behavior distracted him from his father and grandpa mission and he deprived from Knowledge. His mother engaged him with his elder uncle Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi daughter and wedding calibrations accrued in mid of 1912. Molana Mian Ghulam Rasool Alvi passed away in 1920 and his mother in 1926 and both buried in Khuas family graveyard. 
    Mian Noor Husain Awan and his family
    Mian Noor Husain Awan had one son Molana Mian Ghulam Nabi Awan and a younger daughter wife of Mian Mohammed Yousaf Awan of Tahndi, Birote.

    Molana Mian Ghulam Nabi Awan and His Family
    Molana Mian Ghulam Nabi Awan adopted his own trader’s business and at last he became a well known painter in Murree City. He lived his mobile life and a large time spent in Rawat Murree with his family. He reconstructed his house in Khola, Birote.
    • Molana Mian Ghulam Nabi Awan and his spouse

      He married with second daughter of  Molana Mian Mohammed ji Alvi in 1939. He had four sons. Elder is Subedar Niaz Husain.

      Sobedar Niaz Husain Awan and his family

      Sobedar Niaz Husain Awan, lived in Karachi. He married with Shakila Qureshi (Awan now) from Shuwala Murree in Qureshi family. He is father of eight sons and three daughters. His one daughter is in Mosot, Murree other daughter is lawyer and third is student. He settled in Karachi. He served in Pakistan Army more than 30 years. He appointed vegilence officer in Pakistan International Airlines and retired from services in 2009. Now he is writing his memories or visit sites of Islam as Mecca and Madina every year to perform Hajj and Umra.

       Neaz Husain Awan 

      Elder son of Molana Mian Ghulam Nabi Awan, living in Karachi
      نیاز حسین علوی
       بیروٹ میں اپنے سارے بہن بھائیوں میں سب سے بڑے تھے
      موت ایک زندہ حقیقت ہے اور ملک الموت اذن ربی پر کسی موسم کی پرواہ کئے بغیر بلا اجازت آ جایا کرتا ہے
      زندگی بھر حالات کی گرمیاں سہتے رہے، آج وفات کے بعد ۔۔۔۔ مری جیسے ٹھنڈے ٹھار مقام اور یخ بستہ برفباری میں ۔۔۔۔ اپنی ابدی قیام گاہ میں منتقلی،
      اللہ تعالیٰ ۔۔۔۔ میرے بھائی نیاز صاحب مرحوم کی بخشش فرماوے ۔۔۔۔۔ آمین

      مولانا غلام نبی علوی مرحوم ۔۔۔۔ کے جیٹھے پُتر ہونے کے حوالے سے اپنی ہمشیرہ کے دنیا میں آنے کے بعد ۔۔۔ پہلے پتر ۔۔۔ تھے، اس لئے میری پھوپھی مرحومہ اور لالے کا سارا پیار ان کیلئے وقف ہو کر رہ گیا تھا ۔۔۔۔ پعد میں ان کے مزید تین بھائی اور ایک اور ہمشیرہ بھی دنیا میں آ گئے اور ان کا اکلوتے پن اور لاڈو پیار پر اثر انداز ہوئے مگر ۔۔۔۔ اکلوتا، نویکلا اور سارے بہن بھائیوں میں ۔۔۔ جیٹھا پُتر ۔۔۔۔ ہونے کا خاندانی اعزاز تو کسی کسی کو ہی ملتا ہے اور اس کے ساتھ جڑی برتری اور دیگر فضیلتوں کی کیا بات ہے ۔۔۔۔ پہلے زمانے میں لفظ،،،، لالہ،،،،، یا تو ماڈرن والد کیلئے ڈیڈی کی جگہ استعمال ہوتا تھا یا بڑے بھائی کیلئے ۔۔۔۔ اور ۔۔۔۔ بڑی بہن ہوتی تو اسے ۔۔۔ ماں جائی ۔۔۔۔ اور بڑے بھائی کو ۔۔۔۔ ابا لالہ کی جگہ بڑا لالہ ۔۔۔۔ کہا جاتا تھا ۔۔۔ ابا لالہ کے اوپر جانے کے بعد ان کے سارے حسبی نسبی اختیارات سوشل آٹو میٹک طریقہ سے بڑے لالے کو منتقل ہو جاتے اور وہ ابا لالے کی طرح اپنے گھر کے سیاہ و سفید سمیت ہر رنگ کا مالک ہو جاتا کہ ۔۔۔۔ اس کی اتھارٹی کو کوئی چیلنج نہیں کر سکتا تھا ۔۔۔۔ راقم اور نیاز صاحب کی مجبوری یہ تھی کہ ۔۔۔۔ جمے تے چوٹیا پلمے ۔۔۔ کے مصداق میٹرک کرتے ہی پردیسی ہو گئے، اس لئے ہم دونوں ۔۔۔۔ اپنے چھوٹے بہن بھائیوں کے بڑے لالہ نہیں بن سکے اور اس ٹائیٹل کے بغیر ہی نیاز صاحب سفر آخرت پر روانہ ہو گئے ۔۔۔۔ میں اب خود ساختہ اپنے اوپر ہی بڑا لالہ ہوں کیونکہ چھوٹا بھائی تو اوپر جا چکا ہے ۔۔۔۔ اکلوتی بہنا جدہ میں ہے ۔۔۔۔ جب وہ وطن واپس آتی ہے تو میں ،،،، بڑا لالہ،،،،، بن بیٹھتا ہوں ۔
      نیاز صاحب میرے پھوپھی زاد بھائی تھے ۔۔۔۔ یو سی بیروٹ میں ہمارے جد امجد ۔۔۔۔ مولانا میاں نیک محمد علویؒ (ہم علوی اعوانوں کو یو سی بیروٹ میں انہی کی نسبت سے ،،،، نیک محمدآل،،،،، بھی کہتے ہیں) کے چار بیٹے تھے، ان چار بھائیوں کے بڑے لالہ اور حضرت پیر بکوٹیؒ کے خسر ۔۔۔۔ مولانا میاں عبدالعزیز علویؒ ۔۔۔۔۔ راقم کے پڑدادا جبکہ ۔۔۔ مولانا میاں غلام رسول علویؒ ۔۔۔۔ نیاز صاحب کے پڑدادا تھے ۔۔۔۔ ان کے بیٹے مولانا میاں نور حسین علویؒ میرے والد کے پھوپھا جبکہ نیاز صاحب کے والد مولانا غلام نبی علوی راقم کے پھوپھا کے منصب پر فائز تھے ۔۔۔۔ ان کے سب سے چھوٹے بیٹے منیر حسین علوی کا دعویٰ ہے کہ وہ راقم کے پھوپھا بننے سے پہلے ایک اہلیہ کے میاں بھی تھے مگر ہمارا خاندانی ریکارڈ اس بارے میں خاموش ہے ۔۔۔۔ میرے پھوپھا اور پھوپھی کے چار بیٹے تھے جن میں بڑے لالہ نیاز صاحب، مکھن حسین جاوید مرحوم، مشتاق حسین علوی مرحوم اور اب اپنے ماں باپ کے اکلوتے رہ جانے والی نچکنے بیٹے منیر حسین علوی ہیں، دو بیٹیوں میں بڑی بیٹی راقم کی خوشدامن صاحبہ تھیں جو باسیاں کی مرکزی جامع مسجد کے عقب میں ابدی نیند سو رہی ہیں جبکہ دوسری اور موجودہ اکلوتی نچکنی بیٹی صادق آباد، راولپنڈی میں عارضہ کمر کی وجہ سے وہیل چیئر پر ہیں ۔۔۔۔ اگرچہ ۔۔۔۔ نیاز صاحب کے والد اور دادا والدین کی اکلوتی اولاد تھے مگر ۔۔۔۔۔ اللہ تبارک و تعالیٰ نے نیاز صاحب کو آٹھ بیٹے اور تین بیٹیاں، مکھن حسین جاوید کو چھ بیٹے اور دو بیٹیاں، مشتاق حسین علوی کو اکلوتا بیٹا ندیم حسین علوی اور آخری بیٹے منیر حسین کو چار بیٹے اور اکلوتی بیٹی عطا کر کے پچھلی نصف صدی کی سارے کہاٹوں کو پورا کر دیا ہے ۔
      موت ایک زندہ حقیقت ہے اور ملک الموت اذن ربی پر کسی موسم کی پرواہ کئے بغیر بلا اجازت آ جایا کرتا ہے اور بادشاہ ہو یا رعایا ۔۔۔ سب کو ایک ہی لاٹھی سے ہانک کر مٹی کا رزق بنا دیا کرتا ہے ۔۔۔۔ یہاں آنے کی ترتیب تو ہے جانے کی کوئی نہیں ۔۔۔ مری میں آج بدھ 6 فروری 2019ء کو دن 3 بجے کا پارہ ۔۔۔۔ صرف ایک سنسی ایس ۔۔۔ پر ہے، جس طرح نیاز صاحب کی نماز جنازہ کا رات آٹھ بجے کا ٹیم ان کے بڑے لالہ بننے والے جیٹھے پتر ساجد علوی نے سارے پدری اختیارات استعمال کرتے ہوئے مقرر کیا ہے اُس وقت موضع دھوبی گھاسٹ، شوالہ، کوہ مری کا درجہ حرارت ۔۔۔۔ منفی چار سنسی ایس ۔۔۔۔ جبکہ جاری برف باری کا حجم ۔۔۔۔ ساڑھے پانچ فٹ ۔۔۔۔ ہونے کا قوی امکان ہے ۔۔۔۔۔ نیاز صاحب اپنی 80پلس زندگی میں حالات کی بے رحم گرمیاں سہتے رہے اور آج وفات کے بعد تیسرے اور قل والے روز۔۔۔۔ کوہ مری جیسے ٹھنڈے ٹھار مقام اور یخ بستہ لگاتار برفباری میں ۔۔۔۔ اپنی ابدی قیام گاہ ۔۔۔۔ میں منتقل ہو رہے ہیں ۔۔۔۔ اللہ سبحانہ و تعالیٰ ، میرے بھائی نیاز صاحب مرحوم کی بخشش فرماوے ۔۔۔۔ عالم برزخ کی منازل کو آسان کرے اور جب وہ میدان حشر میں دوبارہ جی اٹھیں تو ان کے دائیں ہاتھ میں نامہ اعمال ہو اور وہ ۔۔۔۔ سدرۃ المنتہیٰ سے بھی آگے لامکاں کے مسافر ﷺ کے قدموں میں بیٹھ کر جام کوثر سے مستفید ہوں ۔۔۔۔ نیاز صاحب کو زندگی میں جب بھی موقع ملا خود بھی اور اپنے بال بچوں سمیت ۔۔۔۔ کعبۃ اللہ کا طواف اور دربار رسول میں اپنے آقا و مولاﷺ کے قدموں میں بیٹھنے کی سعادت حاصل کرتے رہے ۔۔۔۔۔ ربا ۔۔۔۔ نیاز صاحب کو انہی حاضریوں کے صدقے قیامت کے روز شافع محشرﷺ کی ہمراہی میں ۔۔۔۔ حساب کتاب کے بغیر ہی انہیں فردوس میں قیام اور اس کی راحتوں سے فیضیاب فرما ۔۔۔۔۔ آج جب انہیں منکر نکیر اپنی قبر میں ،،،، من نبیک،،،، کا سوال کریں تو نیاز صاحب، ربا ۔۔۔۔۔ تیری توفیق سے جواب دیں کہ ،،،،، نبیک محمد رسول اللہ ،،،،، کا جواب دیں ۔۔۔۔ آمین یا رب العالمین ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
      تو غنی از ہر دو عالم ۔۔۔۔۔۔ من فقیر
      روزِ محشر ۔۔۔۔۔ عذر ہائے من پذیر
      گر(ور) حسابم ۔۔ را تو بینی ناگزیر
      از نگاہِ مصطفےٰ ﷺ پنہاں بگیر

      Sajid Mehmood Awan is engineer in PIA and living in Karachi. He married from his mother family in Murree. He has three sons and one daughter.
      3rd Genration..........
       .Sajid Mehmood Awan 
      Elder son of Niaz H Awan

      4th Generation

      Amjed Mehmood Awan is also engineer in Sui Southern Gas Company Balochistan and living in Karachi with his parents. He also married from his mother family in Murree and has two sons.
      Amjed Mehmood Awan

       The other sons of Niaz H Awan are Arshad Mehmood Awan, Nasir Mehmood Awan. (Student),Aqib Mehmood Awan. (Student),Atif Mehmood Awan. (Student),Azher Mehmood Awan (Student) and Ammar Yasir Awan. (Student).
      Grave of Neyaz Husain elder sister Khadija Bi Bi in Basian
       Other sons of Molana Mian Ghulam Nabi Awan are three and living in Birote and Rawalpindi.

      • Dr. Makhen Husain Jawaid Awan, lived in Rawalpindi, was poet of Dhundi/keriali language of Murree, Circle Bakote and Azad Kashmir. His first wedding had taken place from Arja our sons are unmarried. They oprated thier on business in Rawalpindi. Hen 16th Ausust, 1976, Azad Kashmir but unfortunately not matured and divorced. His second wife and widow Nasreen Bi Bi also belonged to Azad Kashmir, couple has six sons and three daughters. Elder daughter is married with Raja Mushtaq and living in Bhara Kahu, Islamabad. two daughters and fo had six sons, Malik Nadim Jawaid, Malik Naseem Jawaid, Malik Suddam Jawaid, Malik Shan Jawaid and Malik Adnan Jawaid. Malik Nadeem Jawaid maried from Gujer Khan with daughter of Malik Rafiq Awan and Malik Naeem Jawaid life patner is daughter of Rashid u Rehman Hashmi Qureshi of Phagwarhi, Murree. Dr. Makhen Husain Jawaid Awan died on (Sunday) 3rd of Nov, 2013 and buried at Shakreal, Rawalpindi.

Dr. Makhan H Jawaid last message of his helth before four days of his death

      • Mushtaq Husain Awan was a 1st class painter and died and buried in Birote. He married with two ladies belonged to Taj Mohammadal Awan family of Dahla, Murree but divorced and second from Lahour, Birote Khurd but have solo son named Nadim Husain Awan who is living in Rawalpindi with his mother Rehana.
      • Munir Husain Alvi, lived in Birote. The younger Munir Husain Awan is employ of GHQ Rawalpindi. He married from Sangralan, Upper Basian in Molvi Iltaf of Qureshi family. He has three sons and two daughters. His elder son is Qasim Muneer Awan, second is Aasim Muneer Awan and younger is Mohsin Muneer Awan, all are students.
      • Farhat Jabeen Alvi, first high qualified and experienced female journalist of Murree, Circle Bakote and Galyat is grand daughter of Molana Mian Ghulam Nabi Awan and wife of Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi, contants writer of this website, living in Islamabad.

      Molana Mian Sharf Din Alvi and his family

      Molana Mian Naik Mohammad Alvi third son was Molana Mian Sharfdin Alvi, an Islamic scholar of his time. He awarded land in Tahndi (A term in land revenue department for a piece of land not large or not small), Birote. He married with a Qarea (Reciter) and Hafeza (Memorized of Quran) Radiya lady of Qummikot, daughter of Molana Mian Hafiz Faqir Mohammad Alvi, a landlord and religious scholar of Kashmir. Molana Mian Sharfdin Alvi spent some time there and then returned to Birote. He had four sons.
      • Mian Fadal Ahmed Awan.
      • Mian Mir Ahmed Awan.
      • Mian Said Zaman Awan.
      • Mian Shah Zaman Awan.

      Mian Fadal Ahmed Awan and his family

      Unfortunately high qualified religious parents were victimized by financial problems and not able them to educate their sons. Mian Fadal Ahmed Awan returned his life to self-employed in Potohar region and Kashmir. He married in Dhanial family of Kahu East and migrated from Birote to Rawalpindi in mid of 1930. He had two sons, elder is Mian Noor Aalam Awan and younger was Said Aalam.

      Mian Noor Aalam Awan and his family

      Mian Noor Aalam Awan won and built up reputation as a highly qualified teacher in Tehsil Murree. He served as headmaster in Dewal, Osea, Phagwarhi, Dehla and Aliyot and his aged pupils are remaining in Tehsil Murree region. Mian Noor Aalam Awan also married from his maternal family and had three sons.

      • Mohammed Hafiz Awan
      • Mohammed Nasir Awan
      • Mohammed Shabir Awan

      Mian Noor Aalam Awan purchased land in Termuthean and migrated there in fifties. He died in 1967 and was buried near his house in Termuthean, Union Council Birote. Mohammed Hafiz Awan is a retired government servant and now he is enjoying his life in his house with his family and has two sons, elder is Mohammed Arshad Awan and younger Mohammed Abid Awan. Mohammed Nasir Awan was lecturer in Degree College Bagh, Azad Kashmir. He died in 1987 and buried in along his father grave. Mohammed Shabir Awan is also retired government servant and married with daughter of renowned scholar of Islam Molana Mohammed Saeed of Rawat, Murree. He has two sons, Yasir Awan (Homeo Doctor) and Nasir Awan.

      Mian Said Aalam Awan and his family

      Mian Said Aalam Awan chose profession of merchant in Pothohar and migrated from Birote to Rawalpindi in 1930. He had four sons.

      • Mohammed Sadiq Qureshi
      • Mohammed Akhtere Qureshi
      • Mohammed Sadiq Qureshi
      • Mohammed Waheed Qureshi

      Mohammed Sadiq Qureshi shifted Karachi and worked in Empress Market as watch mechanic. He returned Rawalpindi in 1964 and established at Sadiqabad Rawalpindi. He has six sons.

      • Mohammed Nisar Qureshi, a businessman, have two kids, elder Shokat Qureshi and younger Shah Rukh Qureshi, lived in Rawalpindi.
      • Mohammed Khalid Qureshi
      • Mohammed Sajid Qureshi
      • Mohammed Tahir Qureshi
      • Mohammed Shokat Qureshi, is a government employ and have two children, elder is Mohammed Faizan Qureshi and younger is Mohammed Zeeshan Qureshi.
      • Mohammed Zulfiqar Qureshi

      Mian Mir Ahmed Awan 
      and his family

      Mian Mir Ahmed Awan, second son of Molana Mian Sharfdin Alvi, married with daughter of Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi and had two sons. Molana Mian Mohammed Yousaf Awan was elder and younger was Molana Mian Mohammed Shareef Awan.

      Molana Mian Mohammed Yousaf Awan 
      and his family

      Molana Mian Mohammed Yousaf Awan got two marriages, one daughter of Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi and second was Molana Mian Mohammed Noor Husain Awan after her death. He had largest family and father of seven sons.

      Haji Habeeb ur Rehaman Awan, who lived in Rawalpindi and spent his life in Kuwait. He had tree sons and one daughter. Elder was Jameel ur Rehaman Awan, younger was Shakeel ur Rehaman Awan and third is Jaleel ur Rehaman Awan.
      Mohammed Jaleel Awan, living in Rawalpindi
      Elder son of Haji Habeeb ur Rehaman Awan was Jameel ur Rehaman have two sons, elder is Mohammed Faizan Awan and younger is Mohammed Usman Awan. was Jameel ur Rehaman died by heart problem in 2008. Shakeel ur Rehaman Awan has also two kids named Anjum Awan and Umer Awn. He also expired in 2010 in Rawalpindi. Jaleel ur Rehaman Awan is head of his family has sole child Mohammed Abdullah Awan.

       9th generation.......Abdullah Awan

      Sidiq ur Rehman was second son of Molana Mian Mohammed Yousaf Awan, but first sons of his second wife was a contractor in Tarbela Dam later in Grand Shah Faisal Mosque project in Islamabad. He had three sons. Mohammed Atiq Awan was his elder son. He was also a contractor in Islamabad, died by heart failure in Rawalpindi. He have three sons, elder is Mohammed Adnan Awan, younger is Mohammed Imran Awan and least and last is Mohammed Usman Awan. Sidiq ur Rehman Awan second son was Mohammed Rafiq Awn, was a business man, died in 1999 in Rawalpindi. He has two sons, elder is Mohammed Rehan Awan and younger is Mohammed Rehman Awan. Both are university students. Sidiq ur Rehman Awan third sons is Mohammed Waheed Awan, married from Chitta Morh Murree family. He died in his prime age, buried in Rawalpindi and had two daughters and one son Mohammed Junaid Awan, a minor child.

      Khalil ur Rehaman Awan, also known Mohammed Miskeen Awan was a government employee in Islamabad, died in 1969 and buried in Birote. His new constructive and marbleized grave with two epitaphs, one in English and second in Urdu. He married from Bakote Gakhars family and living in Rawalpindi. He has two sons, elder is Mehmood ur Rehman Awan and younger is Nadeem ur Rahman Awan.

      Shafiq ur Rehaman Awan migrated to Lahore than in Rawelpindi now after long career in Karachi for decades, ex-account officer of Chirat Cement. In 1996, he returned to Islamabad completely but after five years of the worst experience he returned back to Karachi and now he enjoying life in city of Quaidabd, Rawalpindi with pleasure and harmony. He married with a Pushto speaking lady belonged to Qureshi family of Peshawer, who migrated from Union Council Kukmang, Circle Bakote since half century. Renowned 
      crickter Yasir Hamid Qureshi is brother in Law of Shafiq ur Rehaman Awan. He has two sons, elder is Zia ur Rehaman
      Zia u Rehaman Awan

      Awan and younger is Zeeshan ur Rehaman Awan (now DJ in FM 101 Lahore)and two daughters. Zia ur Rehaman Awan is worked as Information Technology professional.
        Zeeshan Awan 
      The first radio DJ of Alvi Awan of Birote in FM 101 Islamabad

      Fazal u Rahman Awan was a social worker and heavy weight decision maker of Alvi Awan tribe. He spent his life full of joy. He had wedded from an Qureshi family of Gorha Gali Murree. He was daughter less but have three sons, named Raza u Rahman Awan, Ata u Rehamn Awan and Zaka u Rehman Awan. Raza u Rahman Awan is son in law of Akhlaq Qureshi of Basian and two daughters Noor e Saher Awan and Serba Saher Awan. He set his self job in Rawalpindi. Ata u Rehman Awan lining in Lahore and running hoteling business. He is son in law of Mohammed Tahir Alvi of his tribe. He is father of a baby child Anas u Rehman Awan. Younger Zaka u Rehman Awan is unmarried and working with Islamabad Club in Federal Capital Younger.
      Ata u Rehman Awan

      Shuaib ur Rehman Awan was government employ in PINSTIC Islamabad and living in Rawalpindi since past forty years. He married same family as Fazl ur Rehman Awan, his elder brother. He was diabetics and died and buried in Rawalpindi. He has three sons and two daughters. Elder son is Shuja ur Rehman Awan, second is Saif ur Rehman Awan and younger is Hammad ur Rehman Awan. Saif ur Rehman Awan is RSD Officer in United States Embassy in Islamabad.
      Kalim ur Rehman Awan is younger son of Molana Mian Mohammed Yousaf Awan, who was a literary person, founding Secretary General of Tanzeem ul Awan Birote. He engaged in love marrige with solo daughter of Molana Mian Ayoub Alvi, died in Sindh and Shareefan Bi Bi, named Zaib u Nisa (Zaibi) in 1969. He had three sons and five married. daughters. His elder son is Toseef Rehman Awan, living and worked in Lahore with his family, second son is Saif ur Rehman Awan, living in Rawalpindi and belonged to Driving profession and younger son is Haseeb ur Rehman Awan, employ of National Bank of Pakistan, Birote branch.
      Subedaar Major Mohammed Reyaz Alvi Awan
      (Died on 9th January 1993)
       father of Akhtr Awan and Nadeem H Kalimi,
      Live in 
      Lehtrar Road, Alipur,  
      Nadeem H Kalimi
      ٓAircraft Engineer at Gwader, Blochistan 

      Molana Mian Akber Din Alvi 
      and his family

      Mian Akber Din Alvi was fourth younger son of Molana Mian Naik Mohammed Alvi but not gained any kind of modern as well as religious education. His education gape among scholar brothers and step mother caused swear differences between sons and stepmother. They insisted their mother to teach her son but she thought that her real and stepsons were bluffed her. She angrily went to her paternal family in Qummikot and died there in 1911 and buried there. Mian Akber Din Alvi returned with her wife Raheema in 1890 and settled in Khoas, Birote. His brothers welcomed couple and favored them both financially and educationally. His wife was educated lady and she spent her time to teach young girls of every tribe of Birote till dawn to night. She built up her and her husband image. Mian Akber Din Alvi expired by Jaundices, fatal deseas in Birote and buried in Khoas graveyard in 1922. His age was only 32 years when he died. Two sons Mian Mohammed Dafter Alvi (He was the poinear scholar of Islam from Deoband, India) and Mian Mohammed Zaman Alvi were standing in alm house but not received any relieves and they came back home without feeding. Mohammed) showed these orphaned kids as his sons and ordered to Hadrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Uthmani to accommodate them.

       Mian Mohammed Zaman Alvi 
      and His Family
      Mian Akber Din Alvi had two sons, elder was Mian Mohammed Zaman and younger was Molana Mian Mohammed Dafter Alvi. Mian Mohammed Zaman was not interesting in education both religious and modern so he lived in Birote with his mother and wandering in Kashmir. Mian Mohammd Zaman Alvi get married with his cousin but she died after two years. Then he married with Molana Mian Abdul Aziz Alvi daughter Satter Jan. He had six sons.
      • Molana Mian Abdurehman Alvi. He was a freedom fighter of Kashmir Jehad and embraced mertyredom in Srinager, Kashmir in 13th July, 1931.
      • Molana Mian Yaqoob Alvi (Kufri) was high qualified person and first Post Master of Birote.

      • Molana Mian Abdureheem Alvi, he was childless and died in younger age.
      • Molana Mian Mohammed Ali Alvi, he was a businessman.
      • Molana Mian Abdul Lateef Alvi, was Imam and Khateeb in masque of Juleal, Southren Birote.
      • Molana Mian Ayoub Alvi, was also a merchant of live stock.

      Molana Mian Abdurehman Alvi 

      and His Family

      Molana Mian Abdurehman Alvi the elder son of Mian Mohammed Zaman Alvi spent all his life in adventure, mutiny against Indian British Government and at last and least he got martyrdom during reciting azaan in Srinager in 1931. He was freedom fighter by birth. He got religious education from Srinager and primary modern education from Dogra High School Danna Kacheeli, Azad Kashmir. He adopted profession of live stock merchant and continued his travelogue all areas in Kashmir. He built up his close relations with freedom fighters against Dogra Raj, donated monetary co operation and logistic sport of amunation. He got married with his cousin Rahmet Jan, daughter of Hakim Mian Abdurasheed Awan, grand father of driver Molvi Altaf Awan of Lamean Larhan, Birote. He had three sons.

      • Faiz Aalam Alvi, first soldier of British Army, killed in an encounter in Bejnore, India in 1935. He joined British Army against his father Molana Mian Abdurehman Alvi.
      • Mohammed Aazam Alvi, married with his cousin.
      • Molvi Ghulam Rabbani Alvi was solo living in Kahuti with Mohammed Nabi Khan, a contractor. He spent all his life as wondering, sell his inhereted land very cheap to locals. He died there helplessly and hoplessly in 1982 and buried at Kahuti, Birote with local monetary contributions.
      • His grand daughter and daughter of Faiz Alam Alvi was married with Sohrab Awan of Noor Mohammadal (Lamean Larhan, Birote) and died in 2011.
      People of Birote has forgot this Birote first hero of Jehad, Molana Mian Abdurehman Alvi, his Family, noble cause of fighting for independence of Pakistan and Kashmir. There are no living signs of Molana Mian Abdurehman Alvi and his family in Birote but Kashmiri Historians Seyed Mehmood Azad in his book TAREEKH E PUNCH (History f Punch), Shaikh Abdullah in his book AATESH E CHINAR (Fire of Chinar), K D Chodhri and some others wrote his braveness accounts. He has no offspring ling on Earth now but his Jihad is alive, encourages freedom fighters against oppressors today.

      Mian Mohammed Ali Alvi 

      and His Family 

      Mian Mohammed Ali Alvi was third son of Mian Mohammed Zaman Alvi. He was also a live stock merchant. He had two sons and one daughter, Barkat Bi Bi (Pethani) wife of Mohammed Nazir Awan of Lamian Larhan, Birote. Elder was Babu Mohammed Irfan Alvi, a high official of Federal Government and living in Islamabad. He married from Potha Shareef and have three sons. He died in Islamabad and buried in H-8 graveyard in Pakistan's Federal Capital.  

      • Ghias ul Abrar Alvi 

      • Akram Zaheer Alvi

      • Faisal ul Abrar Alvi

      He have three daughter, elder is PhD Lurate Dr. Tahira Haroon. Mian Mohammed Ali Alvi younger son was Khalil Khan. He was issueless and died in Kahu East in 2002.
      Dr Tahira Haroon
       The highest educated lady of Alvi Awan triber

      Molana Mian Abdul Lateef Alvi 

      and His Family

      Molana Mian Abdul Lateef Alvi, was Imam and Khateeb in masque of Juleal, Southren Birote. He was son in law of Molana Mian Mir ji Alvi and have solo son Zahoor ul Haq Alvi. He married with his cousin Fazeelat Bi Bi but not survived. He migrated to Haripur and had become a successful businessman and also married there. He was childless but adopted a baby that created a tension between him and his in laws. One night of 1984, his in laws assassinated him, looted all his property and other things. His dead body handed over to his uncle Molana Mian Mohammed Ayoub Alvi with empty hands. He could not buried in his graveyard but in his maternal cousin’s Mohammed Isfaq Alvi property and graveyard.

      Molana Mian Mohammed Yaqoob Alvi (Kufri) 

      and His Family

      Molana Mian Yaqoob Alvi Kufri was high qualified person and first Post Master of Birote. He was employ of British Indian Postal Services and spent half century in public sector organization till 22 years before his death. He has no male offspring but two daughters. Elder is living happily in Rawalpindi and younger in Gujar Khan.

      Molana Mian Mohammed Ayoub Alvi 

      and His Family

      Molana Mian Mohammed Ayoub Alvi was also a live stock trader. He gained his tension free life more then one century and extended his family with five wives, one by one. He was younger son of Mian Mohammed Zaman Alvi. He had three sons by one better half anf one by fifth wife. 
      • Mohammed Zafeer ul Haq Alvi was living in Muzaffarabad. He died in 2010 and buried in Birote. 
      • Mohammed Raikhan Alvi, was the smallest and slim body holder of Naik Mohammadal of Birote. He was unmerried and died in Birote. 
      • Mohammed Anwar ul Haq Alvi was permanently living in Karachi, He died in 2012 and buried in Labour Squir graveyard in Karachi. 
      • Mohammed Abid ul Haq Alvi is virgin and have no parmanet hide out. Often he is living in Murree or Islamabad.
      He had one daughter Malka Taj who's wedding had been taken place with Subedar Mohammad Ishaq Alvi in 1960 after Shareefan Bi Bi divorce.

      Mohammed Zafeer ul Haq Alvi 

      and His Family

      Mohammed Zafeer ul Haq Alvi was elder son of Molana Mian Mohammed Ayoub Alvi living and breathed his last in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir and buried in Birote. He was a businessman. He married with two ladies from Muzaffarabad and spent his last twenty years with his last wife but unfortunately his second wife commited suesied. He has five sons.

      1. Adeeb ul Haq Alvi, living in Rawalpindi for decads, married there and have one son Danishul Haq Alvi.
      2. Shabir ul Haq Alvi, engaged in foreign employment and died in 2000. He married from Lahure, Birote Khurd and has on son Aaqib Mehmood Alvi. Shabir ul Haq Alvi family shifted in Rawalpindi permanently.
      3. Ahsan ul Haq Alvi, living in Birote and work there. He have two kids.
      4. Imteaz ul Haq Alvi, also living in Birote and work in Afghanistan.
      5. Arshad ul Haq Alvi living in Muzaffarabad with his mother and sisters.
      He has two daughters Narges, teacher by profession and living in Kahu East with her spouse happily. Younger daughetr is Perween Kosar, living with her brother Arshad ul Haq Alvi in Muzaffarabad.

      Mohammed Anwar ul Haq Alvi 

      and His Family

      Mohammed Anwar ul Haq Alvi was son in law of Dr. Shakoor Awan from Noor Mohammadal of Birote. He was living in Qasba Colony, Karachi with his family and worked with Machine Tool Factory there. He remarried a Bengali national lady after his first wife expired. He had left Birote permanently for 45 years. He died in 2010 and buried there.

      Molana Mian Mohammed Defter Alvi 

      and his family

      Molana Mian Mohammed Defter Alvi was bacon of Islamic knowledge in Circle Bakote and Murree Hills in last two decades of twentieth century. He was not only highest Islamic scholar of Islam of Alvi Awan of Birote first sect Naik Mohammadal of Birote but also in Circle Bakote and Murree Hills. Mian Mohammed Dafter Alvi was fond of knowledge from his early age. He went to Delhi joined Hadrat Shah Waliullah Madrasa Rahimiyya and got highest religious education there. In 1866 when Darul Uloom Deoband founded, he was shifted there and got FiqahLogic Philosophy, and other religious knowledge direct from founders of Deoband Hadrat Molana Qasim Nanotwi and Molana Mahmood ul Hasan. He became scholar of Islam in 1870, returned home then he traveled to Kashmir. He appointed as Khatib in Hazrat Kadel Masqu and adjoining Madrissah there. He got married from Dhaneal tribe of Kahu East. He had two sons.
    • Malik Abdul Majid Awan, was childless and died in his prime age.
    • Malik Abdurauf Awan.
      Malik Abdurauf Awan 
      and His Family 

       Malik Abdurauf Awan was solo son of Molana Mian Mohammed Defter Alvi and also scholar of Islam. He adopted profession of transport that newly introduced after First World War between Rawalpindi and Kashmir. He wedded with a lady of high educational caliber from Dhaneal tribe of Kahu east named Ajaeb BB. He died in an accident near Kohala and buried in Phawarhi Nan Bagla , Southern Birote graveyard. Molana Mian Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi wrote a Mourning Stanza on his epitaph in Persian. His death enforced his minor son Malik Masood U Rehman Alvi and one year old daughter Kalthoom Bi Bi with their mother in social and family difficulties in depth. Molvi Ghazi, a younger driver of Noor Mohammadal of Birote and her brother in law Molvi Ayoob Alvi of Naik Mohammadal of Birote created hurdles and life threat to widow and minor kids of deceased Malik Abdurauf Awan. Widow Ajaeb BB was first head mistress of Girls Primary School of Birote had felt life danger so she remarried with a teacher Sekhawat Shah and shifted to Mansehra and spent rest of life there. She brought up her two kids, married her daughter Kalthom BB in Mansehra and son Malik Masood U Rehman Alvi with daughter of Abdul Shah of Birote. She died in 1974 in Mansehra and buried there.

      Dr. Malik Masoodurehman Awan and His Family

      Dr. Malik Masood u Rehman Awan was a teacher and Herbal Doctor in part time in Birote.
      He wedded twice, first with daughter of Abdul Shah of Birote and secondly with a lady from Osia, Murree after his first wife death. Malik Abid Husain Awan was his elder son and his elder daughter Farrukh Bi Bi, first Principal of Government Higher Secondary School Birote. Malik Abid Husain Awan wedded with sister of teacher Mohammed Aftab of Kahu east and had two daughters and one son Malik Atif Abid Awan. Malik Abid Husain Awan couple died his prime age. Teacher Abdirab Nishter of Kahu east is son in law of Dr. Malik Masoodurehman Awan. He had also three other sons. 
      Malik Suhail Ahmed Awan, teacher by profession in Tehsil Murree and herbal doctor in part time. His elder son is Malik Shehr Yar Awan, a student.
      1. Malik Sheryar Awan 
        Grand grand son of Molana Defter Alvi, scholar of Islam in early 20th century
      2. Malik Waleed Iqbal Awan is a social worker and employed in a NGO in Mansehra.
      3. Malik Naweed Ahmed Awan.
      Dr. Malik Masoodurehman Awan has also three daughters, all are married and living at their home with her spouse happily. His secon wife died in 2012.

      Molana Mian Mohammed Defter Alvi 

      was a Light House of Islam

      Molana Mian Mohammed Defter Alvi was on the top of his Taqwa, memorized Quraan. Hadith, and was a mile stone of Fiqh in Kohsar. Molana Mohammed Saeed of Rewat, Murree was his student and he also forwarded his teacher’s established tradition of faith. He was a Moballigh, Mohaddith and may be an imam of knowledge related to Quran and Hadith. He enlightened the way to Deoband Schole of Thought, in 1870, Molana Mian Mohammed Abdullah Alvi, Molana Mian Abdul Hadi Alvi and Sahibzada Molana Mian Haqiq Ullah Bakoti Usmani and his younger brother and first Ex Member of NWFP Assembly from Circle Bakote Sahibzada Molana Mian Atiq Ullah Bakoti Usmani followed and achieved grater goal of Islamic Knowledge in later years.

      Molana Mian Mohammed Defter Alvi and Pir Bakoti  Controversary on Juma Prayers
      Hazrat Molana Mian Pir Faqir u llah Bakoti 
       First spiritual and religious reformer in Circle Bakote

      Hazrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti life mission was to build masques and start of Jumma Prayers . Molana Mian Mohammed Defter Alvi resisted strongly when Hazrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani came in Birote, started movement of Jumma prayers there.
      M O Alvi copy right
      Famous verdict (Fatwa) of Pir Bakoti about Juma Prayers
       He offered first Juma prayer in Khoaas, Cetran Birote in 1918.
      He issued a Fatwa against him and stated that Jumma prayers could be offered in metropolitan cities and did not in villages and towns. He termed Jumma Prayers in Birote as Bidah (New added tradition in Islam) but Hazrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani called it Sidaqat e Kamila (Complete Truth) and renaissance of faith and spiritualism in Kohsar of Circle Bakote and Murree Hills. Pir Bakoti Usmani said it was a Bidah but a preserving of faith and I would do it at any cast. Molana Mian Mohammed Defter Alvi was only a scholar but Hazrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani was privileged on him as a Saint of Islamic Metaphysics. He started Jumma Prayers first time in Molana Mian Mohammed Defter Alvi’s ancestral masque of Khooas, Birote in 1918 but after one dozen years of his death.

      Hazrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti 

      Family in Birote

      When Hazrat Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani came in Birote, Holy Prophet Mohammed (Piece Be Upon Him) narrated him tidings of good heaven if he get married with the widow of Mian Mohammed Zaman Alvi, Satter Jan and take nourishment of these six orphaned kids. Hazrat Pir Faqirullah Bakoti obeyed the order of Holy Prophet Mohammed (Piece Be Upon Him) and had taken widow of Mian Mohammed Zaman Alvi, Satter Jan in Nikah (Islamic social poundage), resided in Khuaas, Central Birote and continued his spiritual as well as preaching of Islam mission till 1915. Kamlal of Dhund Abbasi gifted him 32 kenals of agri land that is in posession of Molana Mian Ayoub Alvi grand sons as inheritance from their grand grand step father now. A daughter Rahat Noor Usmani of Hazrat Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani was born to his second wife Satter Jan from Birote, she got married with Haji Dr. Abdul Khaliq of Potha Shareef, Murree. Her tomb is in Potha Shareef now. Hazrat Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani died in Bakote in 1921 and her wife Satter Jan in Birote remained live till 1942. Her tomb is in Khoaas, Birote. All houses that were constructed by Hazrat Molana Mian Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Usmani in Birote, had demolished.

      Genetic Changes in family

      Many genetics changes occurred in Naik Mohammedal family during one hundred and fifty years in seven to nine generations.
      • Male members are decreasing in Molana Abdul Aziz family from sixth generation and many couples are childless as Fahim Ahmed s/o Molana Abdul Hadi, Balkees d/o Molana Ismail Alvi and Hidayet Jan d/o Molana Mian Mir Ji.
      • Family of Mian Ghulam Rasool increasing after three single generations as four sons of Ghulam Nabi and more than half century of their descendants.
      • Speedily increase in population in Mian Sharf din family as a largest male dominated family.
      • Mian Akbar Din family growth rate is average.

      Tragedies and Blunders in family

      Every family faced tragedies in life. By this a race is effected. During 150 years of Naik Mohammedal family of Birote life is also have some blunders that never forget by their descendants. Some blunders are as under:-
      • Son of Mohammed Mushtaq and daughter of Shahid Islam Alvi (Pakistan) have lost their parenthood and identity as by force and by self law of their fathers. Both are grew up in their mothers and maternal grand mothers. They are not allow as to get their shares in their fathers properties.
      • Zaib-u-Nessah d/o Mohammed Ayoob Alvi Sindhi lost her parents before birth and she grown up in very tremendious circumstances. She were treated by her uncles as a female slave. She did not get traditional academic education despite of his uncles Molana Mohammed Yaqoob Alvi and Molana Ismail Alvi were influential and high qualified educationists of their time. Her son is also get court marriage and living in Lahore with his wife.
      • Mohammed Yaqoob Alvi (Kufri) was step son of Hadhrat Molana Pir Faqir-u-llah Bakoti had two daughters, but when he died in 1973 his brother Molvi Mohammed Ayoub deported them to Rawalpindi where they married in very poorly condition, now their mother out of mind in these days.
      • Abduraoof Awan was the elder son of Molana Mian Mohaammed Defter and a classical transporter also. He married with a high qualified lady Ajaeb Bibi, first head teacher of Government Girls Primary School Birote and when he died in a road accident near Old Kohala, his uncles Molvi Ayoub and Molvi Ghazi of Lamean Larhan shocked his mother. She was mother of two infant chiled Masood-u-Rehaman and his sister Kalsoom Bibi but she have no corner of piece in his husband house. She Migrated to Mansehra and married with a noble person Sekhawat Shah and lived her life happily.
      • Molvi Abdurehman Awan was also step son of Pir Bakoti and a freedom fighter. He minted fake coins and spread them in market to harm British economy. As a result he was declared a history sheeter in Bakote Police Station. He fled in 1933 to Kashmir and get bullets on his chest in second row of Mujahideen who protested against Dogra ruler Hari Sing in Srinager in 1934. His funeral among others martyrs was so long and his nimez-e-jenaza was offered in immamat of Mir Waez Molana Mohammed Yousaf Kashmiri and Buried in Sopore. Local Kashmiri built his tomb there and Urs (Anniversary) is held every year since 1935. He had one son Ghulam Rabbani and a daughter. There uncles did not look after them and they grew up as wild plants. Ghulam Rabbani lost his mind and sold his property without senses and died in Santhi in very poorly circumstances. His sister get married in Munhasa Azad Kashmir in Jadoon family.
      • Shah jewan was the elder brother of Mohammed yousaf. He married from Kahoo Sharqi but not survived. Some people says that his marriage was camouflaged was by his family fellows and they not happy on his new wedding. They poisened his wife and she died in a suspected condition. He did not married again and died as a single person in 1927 in Birote.

      Important Family Feature

      • Molana Mohammed Dafter was the first person who obtained high religious education from Deoband India. He was first religious scholar of Circle Bakote. He died in 1906.
      • Mohammed Sulaiman s/o Mian Mohammed Ji was the first graduate of Circle Bakote from Gordon Colledge Rawalpindi in 1918. He was recommended for high education in London but he killed in 1920 in an accident in Rawalpindi.
      • Molana Abd-u-Rehman, step son of Hadhrat Molana Pir Fakir-u-llah Bakoti[[6]] who and his colleague Pir Khan of Birote minted fake coins to disturb British Government. He escaped from Birote and landed in Srinagar where he got martyrdom in JEHAD against DOGRA ruler Hari Sing in 1931. His tomb is in Sopore.
      • Molana Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi is first poet of Arabic, Persian and Urdu in Circle Bakote. He was a modern teacher by profession. He take part in Kashmir JEHAD in 1948 along freedom fighter of Circle Bakote in Kashmir. He wrote his book Neghm-e-Jehad (Melody of Jehad) during jehad. He is also a wrestler and broke legs of many local in his prime age. He paralyzed in his last days and died on 18th June 1985, unfortunately his tomb is without epitaph after 21 years. He won prestige and reputation as a poet of grave, today every tomb of Birote is occupied by his verses. A stanza of his Urdu poetry is bellow:-
      • Hakeem Molana Mohammed Abdullah Alvi father of Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi was Deoband (India)leorate in 1938 and the first person who established Madrissa Alvia at Digri city of Mirpur Khas Sindh. He take part in Khatm-e-Nabuwat movement in 1953 and arrested by federal Govt order but released after two months. He is also author of three Arabic grammar books. He came Birote in 1960 permanently but not survived economically and he started teaching of Holy Quraan to boys and girls first in Juleal and than in Chajja Central Birote. He died in an accident in Basian in 17th August 1984.
      • Mian Abd-u-Rauf is first driver of family and died in a road accident in Barsala north of Kohala in 1919. He was father of Dr. Masood.
      • Ajaeb bi is the first lady of Birote who take her charge as head teacher of Girls Primary School Birote in 1928. She was life partner of Mian Abd-u-Rauf. She migrated to Mansehra in 1941 and married again.
      • Farrukh Bibi is a highly qualified lady who is first principal of Girls Higher Secondary Shool Birote. She is grand daughter of Ajaeb Bi and daughter of Dr. Masood.
      • Dr. Tahira Haroon is first lady of family who was awarded Ph. D, the highest digree by Quaid-e-Azam University 1n 2000 on his new research of Neutanion Mathematical Laws. She is senior scientist in KRL. She is step-grand daughter of Hadhrat Molana Pir Fakir-u-llah Bakoti and nice of freedom fighter Molana Abd-u-Rehman of Birote. (to be continued)
      • Farhat Jabeen Alvi is first lady journalist from Circle Bakote and working with Daily Jinnah Islamabad, Daily Jasarat Karachi, weekly Hill News and Ummah News internationally. She is Mohammed Obaidullah alvi betterhalf and belonged to Jadoon Salarzai family of Basian, Union Council Birote.
      • Said Aalam was the first person who joined Indian Army and migrated to Mambay in 1914 and settled in Mianmar (Berma) after World War one. He married with a Muslim local lady and had four sons. His descendants have no interaction with family in Pakistan. He was real uncle of Dr. Masood Awan s/o Molvi Raoof. Others who joined Pak Army are Mohammed Ishaq Alvi, Niaz Hussain, Munir Hussain, and Jawaid Akhter of Alipore, Islamabad.
      • Molvi Ghulam Nabi was the first painter of family.
      • Molan Abdul Hadi Alvi was first Mufti of Cirle Bakote till his death in 2005. He was an Arabic calligrapher and wrote full Holy Quran by hand. He was the first person who broke of religious fundamentalism in family and laid foundation stone of progressive trends, but he failed to solve disputes among his family.
      • Mohammed Yaqoob (Kufri) was first postmaster of first post office of Birote.
      • Mohammed Naseer Awan s/o famous teacher Noor Aalam Awan (migrated to Termuthean from Birote) was first man who qualified from London. His MA result was announced after 40 days of his death by Punjab University and he got first position. Unfortunately he was disturbed all his life of his family affairs.
      • Mohammed Yasir s/o Molana Abdul Hadi and Nasira Irfan d/o Mohammed Irfan adopted fine arts as carrier first time in family.
      • Habeeb-u-Rehman Awan s/o mohammed Yousaf carrier as foreign service as a first.
      • Tasleem Akhter D/O Soobedar (r) Neaz Hussain is first lawyer of family. She educated from Sindh Law College Karachi.

      Death Anniversaries in Family

      Death anniversary is also a source of memorization of deceased. Men and ladies who passed away, a complete updated list is there.
      Deceased Men's Anniversaries

      12 January 2002 Sahibzada Saeed Anwer (Chan Pir, grand son of Hadrat Molana Mian Faqi-r-Allah Bakoti Usmani).

      25 January 2003 Mohammed Tahir Alvi s/o Molana Abdul Hadi Alvi (Birote).

      28 January 2009 Babu Mohammed Irfan Alvi (Islamabad). .

      4 February 1970 Molana Mohammed Ismail Alvi (Birote 1st teacher) (Birote).

      9 February 2010 Kalim ur Rehman Awan, Chairman Tanzeem ul Awan, Circle Bakote.

      29 February 2009 Shahid Islam Alvi (nickname Pakistan) Birote, born on 14 August 1947 night.

      8 March 1948 Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi (Birote)

      28 March 1974 Molana Abdul Latif Alvi (Khoaas, Birote)

      12 April 2011 Fazal u Rehaman Awan Of Tahndi Birote.

      18 April 2004 Mushtaq Husain Awan s/o Molvi Ghulam Nabi Awan (Birote)

      7 May 1997 Molana Mohammed Hanif Alvi s/o Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi (Birote)

      7 May 1997 Sahibzada Pir Mohammed Amir Bakoti BakoteSharief.

      18 June 1985 Molana Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi (Birote)

      29 July 2002 Sahibzada Pir Iftekhar Ahmed (Makhan Pir Bakote Sharief)

      3 August 2005 Molana Abdul Hadi Alvi (Birote)

      17 August 1984 Molana Mohammed Abdullah Alvi (Birote)

      22 August 1972 Molvi Yaqoob Awan (first post master of Birote)
      3rd October 2013 Dr. Makhan Husian Jawaid Awan, Second son of Molvi Ghulam Nabi Awan.

      20 October 1996 Molvi Ghulam Nabi Awan, (Painter, Birote)

      22 October 2009 Mohammed Zafeer ul Haque, elder son of Molvi Ayoub (Birote)

      8 November 1934 Molvi Abdur Rauf s/o Molana Defter (Birote)

      Deceased Ladies' Anniversaries

      29 January, 2009 Masooda Khanum w/o Molana Mohammed Abdullah Alvi (Birote).
      9 March 2006 Khatoon, w/o Mohammed Reaz (Ali pure, Islamabad)
      23 March 2006 Rehmat Bibi W/O Molana Abdul Hadi Alvi (Birote)
      7 April 2007 Malka Taj w/o Mohammed Ishaq Alvi (Narhota, Birote)
      13 April 2007 Hadaet Jan d/o Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi (Birote)
      3 May 2004 Zainab Bibi d/o Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi (Bakote Sharief)
      17 May 2010 Khatam Jan w/o Sohrab ur Rahman Awan of Lamian Larhan, Birote. She was grand daughter of Molvi Abdur Rahman Alvi and daughter of Faiz Alam Alvi. She was also grand step daughter of Hazrat Pir Faqirullah Bakoti Also.
      2 June 2002 Isam Jan w/o Maulvi Ghulam Nabi (Painter)
      15 June 2007 Fazeelat Bibi d/o Molana Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi (Rawalpindi)
      18 June 2005 Salma Bibi d/o Molana Yaqoob Alvi Birotvi (Hadote, Murree)
      08 August, 2005 Mobarik Jan (Pathani) w/o Mohammad Nazir Awan of Khaiter, Birote. She was peternal aunti of Dr. Tahira Haroon, the first PhD leurate of Alvi Awan family of Birote.
      23 September 1962 Mother of Molana Mohammed Abdullah Alvi (Birote)
      22 November 2010 Khudeeja BB wife of Master Khateeb ur Rehman Jadoon of Basian, Mother-in-law of M O Alvi and Daughter of Molvi Ghulam Nabi of Birote
      29 November 2002 Zubaida Bibi w/o Molana Mohammed Ismail Alvi (Birote)

      Kinship with Noor Mohammadals
      Naik Mohammadals and Noor Mohammadals are same decedents of Alvi Awan of Birote. There are some kinship established between them in past century.
      • First Kinship established as elder daughter of Molana Mian Mohammed Ji had become life partner of Mian Abdurashid in 1922.
      • Grand Daughter of Molana Abdurehman Alvi (Freedom Fighter of Kashmir) weding with Sohrab awan of Lamian Larhan was the second kinship.
      • Molvi Mohammed Ayoub Alvi merried with Arif Jan, daughter of Mian Mir Hasan Awan but couppel was childless.
      • Mubarik Bibi (Pathani), sister of Babu Mohammed Irfan Alvi (Santhi, Birote) marrid with Mohammad Nazir son of Molvi Abdurrashid was third kinship.
      • Molvi Mian Ayub second son merried with the daughter of Dr Abd u Shakoor.
      • Niaz Awan son Aaqib Awan married with Dr. Sana, daughter of Malik Mohabbat Husain Awan is latest couple of Naik Mohammadal and Noor Mohammadal famlies.

      Kinship with other tribes of Kohsar

      Alvi Awan of Birote, both Naik Mohammadals and Noor Mohammadals are engaged in kinship with all tribes of Circle Bakote and Murree Hills.

      Dhund Abbasi

      The Dhund Abbasi are a tribe of northern Pakistan. The tribe claims descent from Dhond Khan (a nickname of Shah Wali Khan) and ‘Abbas ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib and hence are known as Dhund Abbasi.[17] The tribe speak the Dhundi-Kairali dialect.[18] The tribe is spread throughoutCircle BakotePoonch DistrictBagh, Kashmir, and the Murree Hills area. There are two clans of Dhund Abbasi tribe.
      • Ratnal Dhund Abbasies of Circle Bakote and Murree Hils. Their population is more than half million in mentioned areas. Their forefather was Abdur Rehman Khan (Rattan Khan) died in Basian, Union Council Birote in 1455 and buried in Chaman Kot, Azad Kashmir.
      • Chandal Dhund Abbasies are offspring of Moazzam Khan (Chandan Khan), younger brother of Rattan Khan and sateled in Chameati, Azad Kashmir. He died in 1470 and buried in Chameati graveyard. Some houses are in Lower Birote and meternal family of former Chief Minister ofEX NWFP (Khayber Pekhtoonkhwa) Sardar Mehtab Amed Khan. Sardar Abdul Qayoum Khan, former President of Azad Kashmir is chief of Ratnal Dhund Abbasies tribe.
      There are three kinship of Alvi Awan of Birote with Dhund Abbasies tribe of Birote.
      • Two sons of Dr. Masood u Rehaman Awan are sons in law of Dhund Abbasi tribe of Northren Birote and his daughter is daughter in law of Dhund Abbasi of Ayoubia.
      • Molvi Mahb u Rehaman Awan wife Munira Khatoon belonged to Dhund Abbasi tribe of Birote.

      Chandal Dhund Abbasi

      There are two clans of Dhund Abbasi tribe of Pakistan and Bagh District of Azad Kashmir.[19] Alvi Awan of Birote engaged with many more kinships with Chandal Dhund Abbasies of Birote.
      • Molvi Ghulam Nabi (Poiner driver of Birote) wedded with a lady of Chandal Dhund Abbasies belonged to Jueal, Birote.
      • Aijaz Husain Awan second son of Molvi Saeed Awan is son in law of Chandal Dhund Abbasies of Lower Birote. His father in law was Mohammed Ilyas Abbasi.
      • Gull Anar Awan is also married a daughter of Chandal Dhund Abbasies of Juleal, Birote.


    1. Qureshi [32] tribe of Kohsar is a large tribe in every Union Council in Circle Bakote and Murree Hills.
    2. Barkat Jan, sister of Molvi Yousaf Alvi of Tahndi, Birote was daughter in law of Molvi Mir Aalam Qureshi of Mohrha, Birote Khurd. Molvi Abdul Majeed married her in 1932. Barkat jan had two sons, elder was Masood Qureshi or Jamshaid Qureshi and younger is Clonal (Retired) Mushtaq Qureshi, administrator of Hamdard University [33] Islamabad Campus. She died in 1982 and burried in H/8 graveyard Islamabad.
    3. Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi's younger Daughter Hadyet Jan was wife of Molvi Abd U Raheem Qureshi of Narh, Upper Basian, Union Council Birote. Molvi Abd U Raheem Qureshi was Imam of Jamia Masjid Nakker Mojwal Birote Khurd. He died in 1977 and burried there. Couple was childless. His widow than returned to her brother Molana Abdul Hadi Alvi residence and living along Mohammad Tahir Alvi family in Tangan, Kahu Sharqi. She died in 2008 and buried rhere.
    4. Mohammed yasir Alvi, Principal Government Higher Secondary School Birote is son in law of Molana Hafeez Qureshi of Thala, Basian, but his wife Munira Qureshi died in 1997 in Rawalpindi by Cancer and buried there. They migrated to Rawalpindi from Basian in 1988. Mustafa Chand Qureshi [34] a play writer and drama producer is also first cousin of Mohammed yasir Alvi deseased wife Muneera Qureshi and lived in Karachi.
    5. Fahim Ahmed Alvi second wife is daughter of Molvi Makhdom Qureshi of Basia, UC Birote. Cupple tied up in marrige on 6th October, 2013 after eights month of first wife Safina. Molvi Makhdom Qureshi of Basian mother Bevi Jan had got married with Fahim Ahmed Alvi uncle Molana Mohammed Ayoub Alvi at same place 70 years ago but divorced after a few years at Digrre City of Therparker, Sindh.
    6. Muneer Husain Awan, younger brother of Niaz Hussain Awan who is satteled in Birote and emply of GHQ Rawalpindi is son in law of Molvi Altaf Qureshi of Sangralan, Upper Basian.
    7. Sadiq Queshi is Alvi Awan but he converted his and his family name as Qureshi because of influence of his in lawas Qurwshi family. He migrated from Birote in his early age, spent his prime age in Karachi and returned back in Rawalpindi in early 60s and known as Sadiq Qureshi.
    8. Molvi Ghulam Nabi Awan younger daughter Zakia is in husbandship of Khurshid Qureshi of Orha, Murree and she is satteled in Rawalpindi now. Her daughter is in engagement of Aaqib Mehmood Awan, son of his brother Niaz Awan.
    9. Niaz Husain Awan wife Shakila Qureshi, two daughters in law and a son in law also belonged to Qureshi tribe of Shuala, Murree.
    10. Dr. Makhan Husain Javaid son Malik Naeem Jawaid is son in law of Rasheed u Rehaman Qureshi of Phagwarhi, Murree.
    11. Late Mushtaq Awan second wife Shafiqa belonged to Qureshi family of Lahure, Birote Khurd.
    12. Molana Mian Mohammed Ismail alvi two daughters late Chand Bi bI and Mumtaz Bi Bi are daughers in law of Qureshi tribe of Termuthean, Union Council Birote. Chand Bi Bi was wife of Ajmal Qureshi and died in 1974. Her elder sister is widow of Anwer Qureshi, Ex Post Master of Genral Post Office Murree. He died in 2009.
    13. Molana Mian Mohammed Ismail alvi younger daughter Balqees Bi Bi is also daughter in law of Qureshi tribe of Batnarha Muree. She is living with her spouse Safder Qureshi in their parent inherited house in Batnarha now. She is teacher in Government Primary School Basian.
    14. Late Fazal Rehman Awan is son in law of Qureshi tribe of Ghorha Gali Murree.
    15. Raza Ahmed Awan is son in law of Mohammed Akhlaq Qureshi of Narh, Upper Basian.(To be continued)

      ]Qureshi Usmani

      1. The first kinship established with Hazrat Pir Fakir-u-llah Bakoti Usmani [35] on his will. Pir Bakoti claimed himself as Qureshi according to revenue documents. His wife was Sater Jan, daughter of Hazrat Molana Mia Abdul Aziz Alvi, real mother of Pir Bakoti daughter Rahat Noor Usmani.Hazrat Pir Atiqullah Bakoti Usmani, elder son of Pir Bakoti Usmani was also son in law of Hazrat Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi. He maried Naik Mohammadal daughter after death of his wife from Bakote in 1942. Unfortunately he died in 1951 in his prime age. He had three sons, Sahibzada Saeed Anwer Bakoti Usmani (Chan Pir), Sahibzada Aamir Bakoti Usmani and Sahibzada Pir Abdul Majid Bakoti Usmani (three brothers are co-administrator one by one of Bakote Shareef Shirine).Sahibzada Pir Abdul Majid Bakoti Usmani is a younger son of Hazrat Pir Atiqullah Bakoti Usmani is son in law of Hazrat Molana Abdul Hadi Alvi. This is third kinship with Birotian Alvi Awans.

      Dhanial Qureshi

    1. Dhanial ((Urdu: دھنیال, or Dhanyal) is one of the largest tribes living in the Potohar plateau and Lower Himalayas for the last eight centuries.This tribe traces its lineage to Hazrat Ali Ibne Talib (Karam-Ullah-Wajho) and Dhanni Baba Tribes and clans of the Pothohar Plateau. Most of the Dhanyals are settled in Osia, Pichwal DewalMurree KahutaRawalpindiIslamabad and in Murree Hills. Some families of the tribe live inKashmir, Kahu Sharqi AbbottabadSialkot and Hazara. Dhaneal tribe of Kahu Sharqi ancestor Molana Jan Mohammed came from Chorh Seham, Rawalpindi to Kahu Sharqi during collaosed of Lahor Darbar and overtaking of Punjab as a part of British India in 1846-48. He built a masque now called Masjid Molvi Jan Mohammed. This Dhaneal family also called Qazi. There are eight generation in current time of Dhaneal family of Kahu Sharqi. Important prsonalities of tribe are Qazi Wajahat, Teacher Aftab Ahmed, Teacher Aijaz Ahmed, Abdurrab Nishter, Nisar Ahmed and in near pasr were Mian Yeya, Hokamdad, Fazal Dad and Raheem Dad. A few kinships of Alvi Awan of Birote with Dhaneals Qureshi of Kahu Sharqi.
    2. Molana Mohammed Rauf Alvi wife was Ajaeb Bibi belonged to Dhaneal tribe of Kahu Sharqi. She was highly educated of her time and first head teacher of newly established Vernicular Girls Primary School of Birote in 1920.
    3. Abdurrab Nishter is son in law of Dr. Masood Awan. Ferrukh Bibi, Principal of Girls Higher Secondary Scool Birote (without Building) is wife of Abdurrab Nishter.
    4. Teacher Aijaz Ahmed dhaneal is son in law of Master Noor Aalam Alvi of Termuthean.
    5. Abid Husain Awan was son in law of Hukamdad Dhaneal of Kahu Sharqi. Abid Husain Awan wife Nasreen died in January2009.
    6. Mian Abdul Ghani Dhaneal grand son Tahir Ahmed Dhaneal is son in law of Mohammed Tahir Alvi.

      Sadat or Syed

    1. There are two Sadat or Syed families in Birote. One is Bukhari Syed in Termuthean and second is Mashadi Kazmi Syed in Central Eastern Birote satteled since one and a half century. According to their family narrations they migrated from Union Council Rahi, Circle Lora. Alvi Awan of Birote and these Sadat families were engaged in same profession of Islam preaching and Quraan teachings. Both tribes engaged themselves in kinship first time in 1916, when step daughter of Pir Bakoti Zulekha Bibi had won status of Mrs. Fazal Husain Shah, first highly qualified person of his family but that wedding could not survived and separation take place in 1923.
    2. Second son of Hazrat Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi Molana Mian Mohammed Ayoub Alvi married with Bivi Jan, daughter of Noor Husain Shah in1942 but that wedding also had broken in 1948.
    3. Mian Abdul Shah married with Hoshan Jan, daughter of Molana Mian Mohammed Ji Alvi in 1944 as second wife. She had one son but died in his boyhood. She died in 1975 and burried in Grievay ni Kulli graveyard.
    4. Molvi Mohammad Alahi Shah father of Dilpazir Shah of Nawli, Lower Birote was son in law of Mian Sultan Mohammed Awan of Lammian Larhan, Birote. Molvi Mohammed Saeed Awan was brother in law of Molvi Mohammad Alahi Shah.
    5. Zubaida Khanum, daughter of Mian Abdul Shah was better half of Dr. Masood u Rehman, mother of Dr. Malik Abid Husain and Farrukh Bibi, Principal of Government Higher Secondry School Birote. She died in 1967 and burried in Tangan graveyard.
    6. Masooda Khanum, female Quraan teacher, who taught two generations of local Faqiral, Dehreals and others is second daughter of Syed Fazal Husain Shah. Molana Mohammed Abdullah Alvi, scholar of Deoband, [36] India got married with her in 1958. She was mother of Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi died in 2009 and buried in Tangan graveyard.
    7. Faheem Ahmed Alvi, Vice Principal of Government Higher Secondary School Birote engaged himself as life partner of ex teacher Safina Khatoon, grand daughter of Mian Abdul Shah and cousin of Dr. Ilyas Shah in 1995 and she died in March 2013. Couple was issueless.Faheem Ahmed Alvi got married again with daughter og Makhdom Qureshi of Basin on 6th Oct, 2013.


    1. Jadoon tribe Salar Zai branch of Pekhtone tribe is a small community in Basian, Union Council Birote, Circle Bakote and three houses are setuated in Osia Murree. They are religiously highly educated and qualified in past and present time. First poetess of local Dhundi language was Late Fakhra Jadoon, daughter of Molana Abdul Haq Jadoon. They came in Birote during mid of nineteenth century from Havailian (Haripur District). Alvi awan of Birote have three kinship relations with Jadoons of Circle Bakote.
      Master Khateeb u Rehman Jadoon was son in law of Molvi Ghulam Nabi Alvi. He died in 2001 and his wife Khadija Bibi in 2010 and buried in Basian.Sajjad Awan son of Molvi Mohammed Saeed Awan of Lammian Larhan is son in law of Najeeb u Din Jadoon. He and his wife Shugafta Khatoon are now living in Rawalpindi. Sajjad Awan and his brother in law Shahab u Din Jadoon are professional caligraphers [37] andprinting press owners.Obaidullah Alvi [38] got maried with Farhat Jabeen Alvi [39](now), younger daughter of Master Khateeb u Rehman Jadoon in 1990. Farhat Jabeen Alvi is a graduate and first lady journalist of Circle Bakote.


    Butt tribe is a martial and a largest respectable micronation of Punjab and Kashmir. Famous Alvi Awan Scholar Mohabbat Husain Awan is solo son in law of Butt Tribe of Chakwal.


      1. Minhas or Manhas or Minhas-Dogra is a Suryavanshi Rajput clan from the Punjab region and Jammu & Kashmir in India and Pakistan. It is an off-shoot of Jamwal-Dogra Rajputs, the founders of the city and state of Jammu and its rulers from ancient times to 1948 CE. In antiquity of rule, which is generally considered a benchmark of royalty, they are second to none.Paying tribute to the antiquity of their royal lineage, Sir Lepel Griffin says, “These royal dynasties may have been already ancient when Moses was leading the Israelite out of Egypt, and the Greeks were steering their swift ships to Troy.”Minhas Rajputs are spread throughout Punjab Region and Jammu & Kashmir in India and Pakistan. Hindu Minhas Rajputs reside in the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Indian Punjab, Sikh Minhas Rajputs, mainly inhabit Punjab (India) and Muslim Minhas Rajputs reside in Pakistani Punjab and Pakistan controlled Kashmir.
        Malik Mohammed Irfan Alvi was also a solo son in law of Minhas tribe of Potha Shareef Murree. It is a continuity of Hazrat Pir Fakir-u-llah Bakoti Usmani daughter kinship as daughter in law of Minhas tribe. Malik Mohammed Irfan Alvi was grand step son of Hazrat Pir Fakir-u-llah Bakoti Usmani and his daughter Rahat Noor was wife of Dr. Abdul Khaliq Minhas of Potha Shareef, Union Council Alyote, Murree.

      Other Alvi Awan

    There are other Alvi Awan are also existed in Kohsar of Circle Bakote and Murree Hills.

    1. Mohammed Naseer Awan son of Molvi Mohammed Yousaf Awan of Bhan, Birote Khurd is son in law of Molana Mian Mohammed Abdullah Alvi of Birote.(To be continued)

      Awan (As Claimed)

    1. Awan (Urduاعوان, Punjabi Gurmukhi ਆਵਾਨ), is a South Asian Zamindar tribe, putatively of Arab origin,[20] living predominantly in northern, central, and western parts of PunjabPakistan. The Awans subscribe to the belief that they are the descendants of the fourth CaliphAli, and as such, a number adopt the title, Alvi. Syed Qutub Shah ofspring adopted titel of Alvi Awan but some tribes as has writen by Abbasi authers Naeem Ahmed Abbasi and Iftekhar Abbasi of SEEDA School System Birote in their book KHULASA E TAREEKH, JANNAT SAY OROOJ E ABBASIA TAK on pages 342-44 (Published in March 2011 from Birote) also claimed as Awan but this claime is fake. Documents of Land Revenew Offices in Abbottabad and Peshawer as well as local Numberdari system not varified and authenticated Qari Asif Qadri claim. There are a few kinship with Awans (As Claimed) of Kohsar.
    2. Molana Mian Mohammed Ji Alvi first son in law of Feroze Din of Dheri, Birote. Molana Mian Mohammed Ji Alvi was younger brother of Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi and uncle of Molana Mian Mohammed Yaqoob Alvi (First renowned ArabicPersian and Urdu poet and teacherMolana Alvi Birotvi). His marriege was not arranged but by result of love. (To be continued)

      Kalghan Awan

    1. Kalghan is a branch of Awan tribe only in Kashmir. They are a small community of Raheem Kot [40], District MuzaffarabadAzad Kashmirand called Khan and Kazi, performed religious and Jehadi duties in Dogra Raj [41]. They are followers of Hazrat Pir Fakir-u-llah BakotiUsmani. Qazi Khalil Kalganvi satteled in Karachi is major personality of tribe in modern time. There are two kinships of Alvi Awan of Birote founded with Kalghan three kinship.
    2. Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi second wife was a daughter of Akram Kham Kalghan, who was chief of tribe during 1840-1928.
    3. Hadayat Jan, daughter of Molana Mian Mir Ji Alvi wedded with Aslam Khan Kalghan in 1950 but not survived.
    4. Second wife of Molana Mian Mohammed Ji Alvi was a Kalghan lady and daughter of Mian Barkatullah Kalghan awan of Danna Kacheely, District Muzaffarabad. She was also mother of solo and younger daughter Rahmat Bi Bi (Sakina) of Molana Mian Mohammed Ji Alvi. Rahmat Bi Bi (Sakina) was life partner of Molana Abdul Hadi Alvi.


      1. The Gakhars (also Gakkhar or Ghakhar or Ghakkar) (Urduگکھڑ) are an ancient warrior Persian clan who have predominantly resided in what is present day northern Punjab and South-Western Kashmir, Pakistan. In particular in the cities of RawalpindiJhelum and regions of Gilgit,BaltistanChitralKhanpur (NWFP) and Mirpur, Pakistan. They gradually developed into a feudal system over time oppressing and raiding their neighbors.
      2. Mian Rwshan of Derya Gali, Murree was son in law of Mian Mohammed Ji but cupple divorced after 28th years of life. They had no chilgren and Mian Rwshan remarried with an other woman that caused divorce. 
      3. Zubair Awan of Lamean Larhan, Birote's wife is a lady of Raja Gakhars tribe.

      [edit]Mirza Barlas (Mughal)

      1. The Barlas (Chagatay/Persianبرلاس - Barlās; also BerlasMongolian: Barlas) were a Mongol[21][22] - later Turkicized[23][24] (Turko-Mongol) - nomadic confederation in Central Asia and the chief tribe of the Timurids who ruled much of Central Asia, Iran, and South Asia in the Middle Ages.
        Khitab Husain Awan son of Molvi Saeed Awan is son in law of Mirza Barlas (Mughal) of Danoui, Murree.


    1. The Lodhi (or Lodha) are a Hindu community of agriculturalists found throughout India and Pakistan, primarily in Madhya Pradesh, having emigrated there from Uttar Pradesh.[25] The Lodhi are categorised as an OBC (Other Backward Class), but they claim Rajput ties and prefer to be known as "Lodhi-Rajput".[26]  

      Molvi Ghulam Nabi Awan, father of Zubair Awan son in law Mumtaz belonged to Lodhi tribe of Lora.

      Qazi family of Bakote

      1. The oral tradition said that Qazi would go down from the Afghan soldiers. They would have since the beginning exerted the function of monk. Currently it is a caste land great landowners, it is very largely represented in the administration and the bureaucracy. They add with their first name the name of Qureshi. Qazies of Bakote and Qazies of Pajja Shareef, District Muzafferabad, Azad Kashmir are same tribe. (According to narrations of Sahibzada Pir Mohammed Azher Bakoti Usmani) Qazi family of Bakote forefather came with Hazrat Pir Fakir-u-llah Bakoti Usmani from Kashmir and they satteled hare on his advice. People of Bakote donated them a wast agri land and they promoted Islamic teaching and values there. They committed no criminal activity in their 1.5 century living history. Qazi Mohammed Yousaf, Qazi Javaid, Qazi Iyas are now prominent personalities of Tribe. Late Qazi Hadytullah was a first journalist from Circle Bakote in the Daily Zimindar Lahore during 1927 - 1949. Alvi Awan of Birote have two kinships with Qazi family of Bakote.
        Mohammed Samiullah Alvi (Teacher) is son in law of Qazi Ayaz and Qazi Khatoon (Lady Health Worker) in Basic Health Unit Bakote.Safeena Bi Bi, ex wife of Faheem Ahmed Alvi (Vice Principal of Government Boyes Higher Secondary School Birote) and Qudsia Bi Bi, wife of Qazi Ilyas were real sisters. Qudsia Bi Bi died in a road accident in Rawalpindi in 2002.


      1. The Randhawa are Jatt clans. Randhawa (pronounced: rann-dhaa-waa and anglicised to "ran-dhawa") is one of the many last names of Jat/Jatt warrior clans that played an important historical role in South Asian history.
        Awan scholar Mohabbat Husain Awan fourth daughter is daughter in law of Randhawa tribe of Bahawalpur, South Punjab.


      1. The Kethwal are a tribe of Pakistan, they are believed to originate from Kerman in Iran. They had travelled eastwards and settled in Murree Hills and Circle Bakote two millinium ago, formed a rich culture and civilization in Kohsar. They never accepted rule of Gakhars and exiled as a result of mutiny against Gakherh dynesty during mid 1400 BCE with help of Dhund Abbasies of Kashmir. Dhund Abbasies are successor of Kathwal Rajpoot of this area. hills and established self-government. According to census of India 1881 total population of Kethwals at that time was 1,834. They had occupied five villages in Murree. One village, Charhaan, occupies a very large proportion. Kethwal is the oldest tribes of Murree. They are of Rajput origin. They embraced Islam in 1402, when great the Sufi from Kashmir Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani arrived in the Murree Hills and preached Islamic teachings.
        Ahsan ul Haq Alvi grand son of Molvi Ayub Alvi is ex son in law of Kathwal of Birote but couple adopted saparation after a few years.


      1. Rajput, (from Sanskrit raja-putra, “son of a king”), any of about 12 million landowners organized in patrilineal clans and located mainly in central and northern India, especially in former Rajputana (“Land of the Rajputs”). The Rajputs regard themselves as descendants or members of the Kshatriya (warrior ruling) class, but they actually vary greatly in status, from princely lineages, such as the Guhilot and Kachwaha, to simple cultivators. Most authorities agree that successful claims to Rajput status frequently were made by groups that attained secular power; invaders from central Asia as well as patrician lines of indigenous tribal peoples were probably absorbed in this way. There are numbers of Muslim Rajputs in the northwest, and Rajputs generally have adopted the custom of purdah (seclusion of women). Their ethos includes an intense pride in ancestry and a mettlesome regard for personal honour. They seek hypergamous marriages (i.e., the bride marrying into a social group higher than her own).

      2. Dr Makhan Husain Javaid Awan widow Nasreen Bi Bi belonged to Tezyal Rajpoot of Arja, Azad Kashmir. His father in law was Mohammed Aslam Khan of Dhirkot.
      3.  Dr Makhan Husain Javaid Awan elder daughter is also daughter in law of Rajpoot family of Bhara Kahu, Isalmabad. Her better half is Raja Mushtaq Rajpoot.

      Khakha Rajputs

      1. The Khakha Rajputs (also spelt KhakaKakha and Khake) of Azad KashmirPakistan are clan of Muslim Rajputs[27] who have inhabited the Kashmiri region since the 13th century after the conquer of Janjua warlord Raja Khakha of the region of Upper Jhelum Valley of Kashmir.
      2. Shabir Awan son of Late Dr. Shakoor awan is son in law of Khakha family of Sangrerhy, Birote Khurd.

      • Molana Ismail Alvi was first head teacher of first Primary Vernacular local school Birote in 1907.
      • Molana Yaqoob Alvi was an Arabic, Persian and Urdu Poet of Birote. He wrote many sonets and called Poet of Epithaps. He wrote NAGHMA-E-JEHAD (Melody of Holoy war)
      • Dr. Tahira Haroon, step grand daughter of Pir Bakoti is first PhD Lurate in Mathematics in Pakistan from Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad in 1999.
      • Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi is first highly qualified professional journalist from Circle Bakote and got MA degrees in Mass Communication, Philosophy, Anthropology and International Relations. He Published Weekly Hill Post first time in Kohsar history. He is Research Editor in the Daily Jang Rawalpindi  and special correspondent of The Voice of Kashmir FM 105.5 now.
      • Haji Habib was the first person who performed Hajj first time in tribe.
      • Mohammed Ishaq first Pakistan Army personal of family.
      • Haji Niaz Hussain (Retired Subedar) is first Subedar of Pakistan Army & Vagilance Officer in Pakistan International Airlines. He enjoyed hospitality of Jordon, Syrea, Azerbijan and Iraq as pilgrimage.
      • Asif Ali Khilash was a poet of Naik Mohammdal family and teacher in Government Primary School Birote. He is suffering from partly blindness and died in his prime age.
      • Kalim-u-Rehaman Awan established first time a family trade union named Tanzim-ul-Awan Birote in 1973.
      • Abd-u-Rahman Alvi was first freedom fighter of Kohsar who martyred in Srinagar in 1935 and buried in Sopur, Indian Held Kashmir.
      • Farrukh Bi Bi First Principal of Government Girls Higher Secondary School Birote.
      • Nadeem Husain son Of Mushtaq never claimed his son Birote
      • Shahid Islam Alvi who divorced Safia daughter of Habib u Rehaman but he refused to accept his daughter.
      • Molvi Ghulam Nabi Awan adopted his independent painter profession in Murree in 1932 to his death and he engaged himself as a hardworking job for his family. He never believed in Mullahism. He was grand grand son of Molana Mian Abdur Rasool Alvi. His elder son Malik Niaz Husain Awan is also an ex soldure of Pak Army and now he is enjoying a retired life with his sons and grand sons in Karachi.

      Historical Events of the Tribe

      • Molana Abdul Aziz who led Birote Chiefs in the 1857 War of Independence in Murree. Murtal, Hajial, Kamlal and Miral sub-tribes Mujahedeens participated in war.
      • Hadrat Pir Faqir-u-llah Bakoti came to Birote in 1884 and Married the widowed sister of Molana Mian Mirji and Mian Mohammed Ji and settled at Khoaas, Central Birote. The Kamlals awarded him 12 kanals agri-land to him that is possessed by Sahibzadas of Bakote Shirines today.
      • Mohammed Ji Alvi He is the first surveyor of census department of India who surveyed the Circle Bakote area in 1891 and 1901 and awarded Cash award and a certificate fron Sir Denial Abbottson in 1901.
      • Molvi Abdurahman A fighter of the Kashmir independence movement who embraced martyrdom in 1931 in Srinagar and buried in Sopur, Indian held Kashmir. He was the stepson of Hadrat Pir Faqir-u-llah Bakoti and enemy of British and Dogra Raj. He minted fake currency with the help of his colleague Haji Pir Khan. In 1930, Bakote Police raided his minted machine but he escaped to Kashmir, while his friend Haji Pir Khan arrested and imprisoned for seven years.
      • Molana Dafter was the first scholar of Islam who educated world-renowned Islamic University of Deoband, India in 1884. He died in Tangan, Kahu Sharqi on 17 October 1908.
      • Mian Mir Ji was first scholar of Islam, who started Friday Prayers in Birote with the co-ordination of Hadrat Pir Faqir-u-llah Bakoti in 1908.
      References (Books)
      1. Tareekh-e-Murree by Noor Alahi Abbasi
      2.  Tareekh e Alvi Awan by Mohabbat Husain Awan
      3. Awan, Tareekh Kay Aenay Main by Mohabbat Husain Awan

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